Saturday Snippets 28th July 2018

{learning] about work. Bit of a shock to the system, but I’m sure I’ll adjust.

{reading} How To Bee by Bren MacDibble. I started this months and months ago and somehow put it to one side and didn’t finish it. I’m working on finishing things now, and this was an easy choice to finish. It’s a brilliant read – a children’s novel set in an Australia devoid of bees, where some poor children take their place. Told in the voice of a wannabee (see what I did there?) it’s described as beautiful and fierce which is a pretty good description of the protagonist Peony. Read it.

{watching} Captain America: Civil War. We’re working our way through a whole bunch of superhero movies at the moment, but this is not a family friendly one. So it’s an evening feature 😉

{enjoying} a day out at Sax Music Fest where (NotSo)SmallTeen was playing with Ipswich Guitar School. He absolutely loves performing and had a great time – it was a fab day out, if you’re in the area I’d recommend popping it in your diary next year. While three of us were there, Big took the youngest two down to the carnival – we’re all making memories this summer.

Big is working on her 20 year plans (her story, not mine) – good to see 🙂 (NotSo)SmallTeen is, as mentioned above, getting more stage time in. Smallest has decided she likes the idea of beautiful handwriting – hints and tips for working with left handers gratefully accepted. Tigerboy enjoyed a trial of Doodlemaths, but raced through and built his robot in double quick time and now can’t see any point in it any more. Maybe gamification isn’t always the answer after all 😉 (Remind me to brush up on extrinsic v intrinsic motivation sometime soon.)

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  1. Well done to Small that is amazing. Glad he’s enjoying it. Hope Big’s plans go well and I’m sure you’ll settle into work soon xx

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