Saturday Snippets 21 July 2018

{Thinking} it’s been a really weird and sad week in the blogging world with the sudden death of Kate from WitWitWoo. The way the community has gathered round to support her sons and build each other up has been fabulous. Check out #bemorewitwitwoo on Instagram to catch up.

I don’t remember which conference/event I met Kate at. She’s one of those people you feel like you’ve always known, and I’m still trying to process the idea that she’s gone. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

{Eating} lemon and rosemary roasted chicken. (Got a new Gino book – healthy budget eating. )

{Watching} This is Spinal Tap. (It was in the 90 minutes or shorter section on NowTV. )

{Reading} The Kindness Method. And I’ve got a lovely new Foyles notebook so I can write my plans in it.

{Practising} my drawing again. I’ll crack portraits yet.


Fab beach trip to catch up with home ed friends who moved to Scotland but were back for a visit. Turns out Smallest can swim if it’s the sea. Small is practising for next week’s gig and Big had a lovely trip to London to see a kentwell friend.

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  1. I loved that movie – I’m giving you an 11. (Most scales only go up to 10….). The other quote I remember is, “Here lies x, and why not?” I don’t even know why that’s funny now but I remember it. Have another good week. I might do a Holiday Snippets this week too. xxx

  2. It has been a sad week with the passing of Kate, but lovely to see the blogging community come together. She certainly inspired many. I haven’t watched that film. The book sounds good. Well done Smallest. Sounds like a good week xx

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