Days of Wonder by Keith Stuart

I have a confession to make. I don’t like heart warming books. I’m not a fan of tear jerkers. So why did I read Days of Wonder, when I had a pretty good idea of what was coming? Because it’s Keith Stuart, and although I feel I shouldn’t love his books, (I read YA! and SFF!) I just do.

Tom and Hannah. A single father, and a daughter with a life limiting heart condition. It’s a recipe for heart warming and tear jerking all in one, and it could so easily be cliched and tragic. And it just isn’t. It’s glorious, and magical, and heart rending and sarcastic and unexpected and OK, just read it?

You will need to set aside a reasonable amount of time, it’s a pretty hefty book. I’m kind of surprised it’s not already signed up to be a film to be completely honest with you, seems like someone is missing a trick there. (Or a play. Although that might just be a bit too tortuously meta 😉 ) There’s a wonderful supporting cast, and I sobbed more than once while reading it. Tissues. Really should come with tissues.

Have I sold you on it yet? Your handy Amazon (affiliate) link is right here if so.

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