Life Satisfaction: A Scientist’s Guide by Leo Lafferty-Whyte PhD.

There is an irony, I feel, in this post. A few days back I posted about doing 15 days of giveaways. I then failed completely and utterly to even put together the widget for the first giveaway, and have been slumped in a heap of self recrimination ever since.

So how can I possibly be posting on the topic of Life Satisfaction? It’s quite simple. I know that I’m not doing particularly well at being organised, and that stresses me out more than a little. So when I was offered a copy of Life Satisfaction to review, I grabbed at it, in the hope it might just have the elusive answers I’m searching for.

It’s a very approachable book – friendly and practical. I personally find the layout a little busy – there are graphics in the corner of every page and I find that a touch overwhelming. Not enough to put me off the book though, so that’s a good indicator of how useful I found the content.

As the author says, this book might not suit everyone. It’s quite list oriented, is designed for someone looking for structure but struggling to get it organised, and there’s even some maths up front. None of these things put me off – I actually found the idea that it might not be the one right answer more comforting than not. (I hate things which claim they are going to work for everyone. It’s not likely really is it?) I did find the layout a bit difficult to work with at times – so for example when you’re told to fill in a particular form, but there’s no indication of the page you’ll find the form on. A minor quibble though – if you like have structure and someone virtually hand holding, I think this book is worth a look. And what’s more, Leo will send you spreadsheets to help you with various bits of the form filling if you email him (address in the book!).

Now, I haven’t had time to work through getting the whole process into place, but I am trying to work out how to do that, and if/when I do I’ll report back. This would echo the second half of the book which is an account of the author trying out his own self help techniques – definitely a good way to build confidence, showing that he’s up for trying what he’s trying to get you to do.

I would say though, if you’re looking to get stuck into this, do take some time to read the whole book and then go back to work through the steps more slowly. It’s a lot to take on board in a first read, and some of the terminology can feel a bit technical and hard to grasp. Still, if this stuff was easy, we wouldn’t need life coaches or self help books would we? 😉

To summarise – this isn’t a book for everyone, it’s quite technical feeling in approach and can be a bit busy to read. But Leo is an engaging and honest author, and I get the impression he’s quite a no nonsense but still caring person, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a life-coach-in-book-form give it a whirl.

The technical details:

Title: Life Satisfaction: A Scientist’s Guide
Author: Leo Lafferty-Whyte (find him on twitter
Release Date: 5 th May 2018
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback

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