Dixit – a family card/board game reviewed

Cover of board game Dixit - square gold box with fantasy style pictures

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we were sent Dixit for our Blogger board game club review last month. (Apologies for the delay in getting this review live, I think I should pop a health update on but basically, long story short, it probably isn’t depression causing my issues, but an underactive thyroid, and along with depression symptom I’ve got shaky hands, which makes typing somewhat hit and miss…) The box is quite luscious, and the pictures on it would not be out of place in a fantastical picture book, which isn’t usually how board games go.

Open the box up and the surreal continues.

Dixit cards and pieces

You have a set of 84 cards with the wonderful wordless fantasy images on, some wooden rabbit playing pieces, and a set of voting cards per player.

Each player starts with a hand of cards. The first to play chooses a card to describe and lays it on the table, with a story in a sentence. This should describe the card, but not too precisely, as each other player has to choose one of their cards that could illustrate what was said, and pass it face down to the storyteller. The cards are shuffled, and then laid face up on the table. Then the players who didn’t tell the story place a counter facedown to vote for the story. Points are then given depending on how many votes the storyteller got – if everyone votes for their picture, they don’t get any points. Otherwise they get a certain number, and each player whose card was voted for gets points as well. The rabbits hop around the course on the board in the box to keep track and that’s the game.

Sorry, it sounds ridiculously complicated, it did take us a couple of hands to get used to, but the fun of this game isn’t in the competition. It’s in thinking up ways to describe the cards, and I know I’m not going to be able to get across to you how utterly gorgeous they really are. They are also quite gloriously bizarre and a little bit spooky, and very very lovely.

The game was a huge hit here, and then Tim took it round to his family on Christmas day and it was loved there too. You don’t have to worry that you might get to know the cards too well – you can buy different sets if you feel like that is happening. I’m kind of tempted to do that anyway.

We were sent a puzzle for review as well, but I haven’t taken pictures of that yet (taking pictures is another problem with shaking hands) so I’ll hope to be back with that later in the week.

Now I’m going to finish this review with something I don’t often do, which is ask for your help. Because of the somewhat complicated health issues I’ve got at the moment, I’m not managing to put much time or effort into blogging, or sharing and it is affecting my blog visibility horribly, so if you can see your way to help me out with a share or a comment, I would be incredibly grateful. Thank you!

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  1. The game sounds fun and I wish you better soon. xxx

  2. That sounds like a great game. My kids would love this. I hope the medication kicks in soon lovely. Big hugs xx

  3. Richard@Pool Sunday says:

    Dixit sounds like a great game, I bet my family and I can get into this game! I love how you give a clue and then they have to figure out if it matches!
    I will have to look into adding it to our Friday game nights. We are always looking for new games. This seems to be also a good learning experience for descriptive details. Thank you!

  4. We like this game – but find it plays better when playing with folks outside the family. Somehow the three of us know too well how the others think.

    Hope you get better soon. X

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