Saturday snippets 7th October 2017

{watching} The Saint. Not taking itself too seriously, featuring the always excellent Eliza Dushku, and with all the right names and connections. Rather more recommended than I’d expected to be honest. (I’ve a long history with the Saint. It’s rather more boring than it ought to be given the topic.)

{reading} The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I rescued this from a box outside a neighbour’s the other day (there was a sign saying please help yourself, I wasn’t just filching books honest) and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it. (If you want to follow my reading habits I’ve a new bookstagram account where I share books I’ve received for review, found on the street and/or red to the children.)

{exploring} a town a little way up the road. (NotSo)SmallTeen had a recording masterclass today arranged by guitar school and rather than come all the way home then drive all the way out again, I took myself on a photo walk. Which was quite fun, but would have been even better if the cafe I finished at had had cake. How does a cafe not have cake on a Saturday lunchtime?? The coffee was OK though. And I managed to write a whole couple of sentences of book. Yay me. 

{blogging} irregularly again. Which is probably a relief to my handful of regular readers 😉 There aren’t that many of you left out there, and I guess that’s just the way it’s going to be. 

{working} on my art related plans. Slowly. But with a level of determination. 

{decluttering} even more slowly. Did you know some charity shops won’t take magazines any more? Disappointing, these were BBC History magazines, largely unread, and I hate to just recycle them. (Which is why we live in a house over full of stuff.)

(Moon pic to follow)


Big is doing the whole sixth form and working and life plate juggle – we see her is passing, and quite often she’s pretty exhausted. Small is beginning to get the hang of college, and Japanese is great, so that’s good. Oh, and his Coldplay album finally arrived. Smallest and Tigerboy had a good trip to softplay – Smallest even tried skating again. (She didn’t like it.)  She has plans to start a book blog, and I’m wondering about tracking down some sort of group activity for Tigerboy – I think he’s still too young for Beavers though and I’m not sure what else there is. 

So,there you go, all updated.

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  1. Sounds like a productive week and that is such a shame to through out the magazines x

  2. http://Joanne%20P says

    I’ve been reading but not commenting.
    Do you have Woodcraft Folk nearby as a group for Tigerboy?

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