Thor:Ragnarok – a Schleich figure review

I love the quality of Schleich figures, they are beautifully made and hand painted with incredible attention to detail. This Thor figure is no exception to the rule. It comes in a well made but light box, ideal for storage if you are a collector who likes to keep figures in pristine condition.

If, however, you’re more into the details of the figure, and of course his signature weapon, you’ll love the getting a bit more up close and personal.

I love the hammer. You can bet it will feature in the Thor:Ragnarok film, which is in cinemas 27th October. You could even recreate your own movie scenes with it!

Three are plenty of other Marvel figurines in the range as well, such as Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widown and so on. I would enjoy a collection to be honest, I’m quite a fan. And with this level of detailing (see the twinkling in his eye?) they look pretty good to have around.

(Yes, I might have had far too much fun taking pictures and playing around with depth of field. And why not? Hopefully I’m showing off the amazing level of detail – did I mention that already?)

This figure has an RRP of £9.99 and is suitable from 4 up. I suspect as it doesn’t move it wouldn’t be quite as interesting to younger children, but that’s about the only drawback to it I can see. The whole range is available at Schleich online or of course via retailers such as Amazon (affiliate link). So who is your favourite Marvel character?

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