Showing up.

Have just posted on Instagram:

So I decided I’d join in with @journalofawriter #showup100 challenge, and use it to give me some impetus to work on the novel I’ve been avoiding working on for months. And I had half an hour before I needed to cook dinner, so that seemed like an ideal time to drag it out, read through, and get back in the right frame of mind. Except, funny story, the printed copy isn’t where I thought it was, and the backed up electronic copy doesn’t appear to be accessible via my phone.

So that was my 30 minutes, which became 45 minutes of panic, and I got nothing creative done at all *and* dinner was late. Go me.
So after dinner I sat down to at least draw something, to feel I’d still got #acreativepractice in somehow, and while I was drawing I remembered I sent the draft to at least two people so there will be a copy somewhere either in email or on my laptop and all will be well. 
I showed up. And tomorrow I’ll come armed with words. 


I do want to finish my book. I also want to keep up with my drawing practice. At the moment I’m mainly interested in shading and line, how much you need and what you can get away without to still have a recognisable representation. I might see what difference working in colour makes, as it often changes my own perception of a piece.

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