Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots review

OK, you are probably wondering, much as I did when I was contacted for this review, what on earth is a tinsy winsy weeny tot?

Basically, as you can hopefully see in the picture above, they are hand sized, soft bodied baby dolls which come in a collectable series. Each doll has a different, very detailed face, with a soft huggable body and a beautifully designed miniature outfit. They even come with a hospital wrist tag with an individual name and date of birth which is handy for identifying which one is which. The packaging is a card cot or hospital bed, ideal for storage too. I was actually pretty impressed with the packaging, not least because you can see which doll you are getting – I hate blind bag collectables, so stressful if you’ve got a child who has got to catch them all. (Sorry Pokemon.)

We were also sent as part of the review the pram accessory set which has a moving handle, wheels and a pram hood so your childredn can make their dolls extra comfortable and wheel them around. The baby included with the set *isn’t* one of the collectable series as far as I can tell (there are 15 in set one) but still comes in an all-in-one outfit and there is a changing bag, changing mat and fabric nappy included too.

There’s also a bedroom accessory set, but we haven’t seen that one 🙂

The first collection is limited edition and each individual doll retails at £7.99. As far as I can tell the major stockist is Smyths Toys – they don’t seem to be available on Amazon or Argos, which surprised me a bit. At £7.99 they are a bit more expensive than many collectables, but they are a little larger, and have quite a lot of play value if you have a child that likes baby dolls. The fact that the packaging on the individual dolls can be kept easily to keep your collection pristine and dust free impressed me as well.

Overall I was a lot happier with this toy range than I expected to be – the finish quality on the toys and their accessories is pretty good, and they’d certainly make very nice little birthday presents if your offspring are regularly invited to class parties.

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