Slow Sunday

I woke up this morning stiff and full of pain. I should have done week 6 day 3 of couch to 5 k – there was no way that was happening. Instead it took me nearly two hours to stagger about hanging out two loads of washing with frequent rests, and by the time I’d done breakfast and lunch as well for small children I was pretty much done. 

I spent the afternoon in bed with a book and it really seemed to help. The main problem at the moment is my hip, again – I’ve been doing my exercises but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I’m so tired of going to GP or physio and having them basically not interested at all, because there are no obvious markers for anything that they can fix. I was born with a dislocated hip, and one leg is shorter than the other. I’m hypermobile, although mainly I have crunches and clunks going on rather than anything big in the way of dislocations, although I’m pretty sure I at least partially dislocated the left hip again while giving birth to Big, so 17 1/2 years ago now. That was the start of physio interventions, and back then they got very hands on, now it just tends to be stretches and exercises. Which *if* it works, works very slowly and in the meantime I’m hobbling around like I’m 30 years older than I am. 

All in all, I’m fed up. I just want someone to take me seriously, tell me why bits of my body keep packing up, and give me some advice on how to prevent it or how to fix it when it does happen. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so. 

Have a sketch.

Sktchy inspired - pencil drawing of girl smoking
I’m off to bed, hoping that today has been enough to settle down my hip, although realistically, I doubt I’m going to be running in the morning either. Bah. 

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  1. Oh that sucks! I really hope it’s not as stiff today. At least you managed to get some relaxing time in. Hopefully that will have helped take the pressure off at least. Have you tried twice weekly swimming?

  2. Big hugs lovely. I hope you are not as stiff and as sore as you were. Glad you got some time to relax. Hugs x

  3. Don’t get me started on not being taken seriously by medical professionals, I could write a book! Sorry to hear you’ve been in pain, hope it’s feeling better.

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