C25K take three?

I’m not sure how many times I’ve started and restarted running now. The first couple of times I devised my own routines and built up over time until I was regularly running 3 miles or occasionally further. But I’ve suffered a bunch of odd injuries and found it really hard to get going again. So this time I’m using a C25K app, and I’m now in week 6.

It isn’t easy. The only way I’m making progress is by setting out each time focusing only on that run, and telling myself it doesn’t matter if I don’t nail it this time, I’ll just do it over until I can.

Running alongside the sea helps. Hugely.

I bought a set of running headphones too, with a band that goes round the back of my neck. And I log the run separately on runkeeper which keeps track of distance and speed. Or not speed, depending on how you look at it. My Samsung insists that I’m not actually running most of the time and has only once logged a workout as a run rather than a walk.

My aim with all of this is to maintain strength – given how stiff I am while exercising regularly I think I might actually turn into a rock if I gave it up. And on mornings I don’t run, as I’ve said before, I’m doing yoga. I’d like to find a class at some point, but for now, routines in the garden will do.

Do you have a fitness routine, or any tips you can share?

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  1. You put me to shame. Exercise is on my list again this new academic year but of course I’ve not started yet. Well done on doing something every day.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that you are making the effort! I really should do more ?

  3. You inspired me to get the same app
    I am only on week 2
    It is very hilly round here so not finding it easy
    I used to be so much fitter than this but I will persevere and keep at it !
    At least 30 mins at a time is do able

    • Go you! Have to admit living in a very flat place does make it easier. And yes, 30 minutes always feels possible at least.

  4. i’ve managed to establish a routine of a bit of yoga first thing every morning. only 10 mins or so but it makes a huge difference. I do karate on Saturdays when I can fit it in, and I do three dance classes on a Monday night. I also try to do some assorted crunchies, pushups and a plank every night, but that doesn’t always happen 🙁

    I am yet to start running again. i have a few niggly muscles, one in my foot and I am wary of exacerbating it plus I’m not mad on the impact or the muscle shortening. I really want to get some swimming in but am yet to find a good time when I could easily do this.

    • The yoga is great isn’t it? I admit I spent money on running shoes to reduce impact but I feel that was worth it. I keep pondering karate but it won’t be my style.

      • decent running shoes have definitely made a huge difference, I completely agree there!

        I practice Wado ryu, lots of jujutsu in there which I enjoy

        • My karate was shotokai – it’s such a small style that there just isn’t a club I can get to easily. I’ve also done kyokushin, shotokan, wado ryu, aikido, lee family system (tai chi and kung fu) and one session of judo. I didn’t really like judo 🙂

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