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New code today 18th September: TREAT20 up to 20% off orders over £10!

I love The Works for educational resources for me and the kids. I buy Big’s refill pads here – my tip is to go for a pack of 6 for £4.99. I also buy the 30 page sketch pads for practice – pack of 6 A4 sketch pads is £5.00.

My other weakness at the moment is Art books. Recent buys include these beauties.

So we’ve got Drawing basics made easy, which is a set of step by step tutorials on all sorts of different things, from different artists. There are references for all the artists so that you can find out more about them, and I find it really good if I’m stuck with no idea what to try. (I can’t find this one in stock online at the moment disappointingly, but it’s well worth keeping an eye out for it – I picked it up for £4.00 in the local store.)

Next up, Alternative Art Journals. I took a punt on this one hoping to get some ideas of how to get started with art journaling. It wasn’t quite what I expected – the alternative really does mean alternative to the idea of keeping a journal in an art book. But it’s given some ideas of things to do with the children, so has been worth it. I like the idea of either this tag journal particularly to keep of local flora and fauna, and I can easily see Smallest starting a cabinet of curiosities. In fact, she came back from Kentwell with a basketful of curiosities, so she’s halfway there already!

Urban sketching, the complete guide to techniques however, was exactly what I was hoping for. I love seeing people’s journals of their days out and about – I follow a few artists on instagram who do exactly this. And this book really is a great guide to getting going – covers resources, techniques, the sketching community. It’s great. (And currently £5.00.)

Resources – including the pens you can use and what they’ll do.
how do you draw a straight line

Ideas of what an urban sketch might look like.
lecture hall urban sketching

And finally, Drawing family portraits. I took a chance on this, given it was £2.00, hoping it might give me some tips on drawing people. It really didn’t disappoint. There’s lots of technical stuff about proportions, materials, technique, but it’s all laid out really clearly and with step be step tutorials. So I like this one on drawing with diluted ink, and I think it’s something I’m going to have a go at pretty soon.

So, what do you reckon? Worth checking out the sale? Up until midnight tonight (Sept 18th) you get 20% off with code TREAT20 but tbh, even if you miss that, with this prices you can’t go far wrong. If you do pop through and purchase, let me know how you get on with it all? Here’s the link: The Works.

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  1. Some amazing deals there!

  2. I love this store and what a great bargain to save. Great choice of books xx

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