Disney Crossy Road unboxing, or the story of how not to do a video review.

There is a reason I am a blogger and not a vlogger.

Well, there are several actually, and you can see some of them if you follow my instagram stories (handy link over there >>> somewhere) but the main one is that when it comes to video cameras, I am technically inept.

I had almost trained myself to hold the phone the right way round, but then I started doing vids on insta stories and it wants the phone the wrong way (portrait in terms of video format is the wrong way) and so I lost the plot again.

Which means that when I was sent a box of lovely Disney Crossy Road toys for an unboxing video I sat down very carefully with a small child and very carefully videoed it all in portrait. And then of course the small child ran off with the toys, and that meant that I couldn’t do it over again.


However, where there is a will, there is a way. Or more accurately, where there is google, there is a solution. Just in case you ever should make the same mistake, you may find this article from how to geek on how to rotate video useful. Of course, windwos movie maker is out of support, so downloading it isn’t nearly as straightforward as the article states. Or downloading it is straightforward, but then it claims to be a trial version, except somewhere in the background I seem to also have a non trial version, and I’m very confused, but the video is the right way around now.

Here you go.

It’s fabulous isn’t it?

The toys are very lovely, we got a pixelated plush Buzz Lightyear as well as a variety of other bits and pieces (I appear to have failed to take actual pictures, getting somewhat carried away with the whole video thing. And like I said, small child, who adored them all, has legged it into the distance aka the living room, and none of it will ever be seen again. Not today anyway.)

However, here is a picture of the Simba plush – they retail at £9.99 and the mini figures are £10.99 for a 4 pack, or £3.49 per blind bag. There are 40+ characters to collect.

They all tie in with the apps that are available across a variety of platforms – more details on the Disney Crossy Road website. And as we all know, square is where it’s at these days. See Minecraft, instagram and so on if you don’t believe me. Square is in. Cool even. (Is cool still cool? I don’t know any more.)

Please enjoy the video. I have cried over this. If you’d like to see other unboxings, there are a variety on the Moose website here, and you can see more about the range at Character Online. You can find Crossy Road items at a variety of retailers such as Tesco, Asda, Toys R Us, Smyths and Argos, and of course, Amazon. (affiliate links in some places.)

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  1. Oh this looks fab. I know I’ve done the same thing in the past. So annoying. We enjoyed these figures too x

  2. These toys look cool and awesome! I’m also tired because of using video story on Instagram as well so I’m kinda stuck so I often just film by phone’s camera and then put them in Window Movie Maker to process.
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