100 ways, 100 days – showcasing the variety of home education

#100daysofhomeeducation is a picture based challenge so mainly to be found on instagram with crossover on facebook and twitter.

I have to say, I’m loving having that daily picture to look back on to remind me of what we’ve got up to in the last month. (Given that I don’t blog our home ed lives daily any more. Which I should. But somehow never get around to. Sigh.)

What I also ought to do is keep a list of the books and resources we use, and how we use them. This month we’ve been enjoying Picture Book Explorers, written by a fellow home educator Helen, who kindly sent over a couple for review. The idea is that there are five days worth of activities, covering a variety of educational areas/ skills and you re read the book each day and pick from the activities. We used Tabby McTat(Amazon affiliate) this time and focused on the art of Axel Scheffler. Which also led to reading up on his life, spotting links with other books and doing some drawing.

I really enjoyed drawing in the style of, and must go back and finish the picture with a watercolour wash!

Another hit this month was a charity shop find, this rather fabulous Techno Gear Marble Wacky trax set (amazon affiliate link here)

I saw this in a shop window on a Sunday afternoon when the shop was shut – I went down specifically the next day to see if it was still there. (I also decluttered a bag of stuff and a second bag of scrap material, so I get bonus points for that, right?) It cost me £3 🙂

I expected that the younger ones would really enjoy this. Turned out it’s quite a complicated set (hundreds of pieces!) so it ended up being me and Big sat building it with visits from a fascinated Tigerboy. I did share the vids on my instagram story, but annoyingly I didn’t have the phone set to save them, so they’re gone 🙁 )

And the other thing that happened last month was we kicked off the 100 ways to home educate blog hop. It’s been so great to see the wide variety of home education going on. There was a bit of structure with Secret life of a homeschooler then some Girls Unschooled (love the header there very much). With a mix of ages, there’s a mix of approaches at the Grays and then Jo wound up week 1 with her three kids and a gluestick.

Week two started with some more unschooling with the beautifully photographed Paper and String blog and then moved on to some structured autonomy with Maria and do 5 things. Nevine is worldschooling, which is pretty inspirational while Tammie has some interhigh going on alongside a variety of other approaches. We finished the week up with Lydia who’s having a new adventure.

And on to week 3! Elin Sion is doing it her way as a multi platform educationalist 🙂 B Man and L Girl are semi structured (with a pretty full week!) while REOlife have a patchwork of home education (great description). Happy Handley has some delicious baking going on alongside a whole lot of gaming and craft while it’s never the same two days running with Helen and her eclectic style.

Day 16 featured our first home educated blogger, with Midnakit sharing her insight from the drawing board and our final day of February we were adventuring with Monster in a waldorf style.

From today, there’s a new linky, just so that the lists are fairly manageable, but I’ll be doing this sort of round up post once a month, and I’m going to add this nice badge to my side bar which will link to each of these round up posts, so it will be easy to find any all posts on this topic.

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  1. These look fab. So much learning while having fun. It really is the best way to learn x

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