How to throw a We’re going on a Bear Hunt movie party

As I’m sure you’ll remember, last week we watched We’re going on a Bear Hunt the DVD, and then had a twitter party with UKMumsTV.

The party was great fun, so I thought I’d share the activities we did, in case anyone fancies having a bear hunt party of their own πŸ™‚

Party tip no 1: popcorn served in stripy paper bags feels a lot more special than bowls πŸ™‚ (Yes, that’s popcorn in those bags in that picture!)

We watched the film with the book alongside it, and it helped to distract our more sensitive children from the saddest bits. Lots of discussion around how now they know where the bear lives they can visit whenever they want πŸ˜‰

Next up – quiz time!

Smallest knew every answer, but gave the bear to Tigerboy – aw.

Then we decorated bear biscuits, which was a surprisingly popular activity, even drawing in oldest teen. It’s a really easy one as well, all you need is icing, buttons and digestives or another round biscuit of your choice. (You could be posh and bake the cookies yourself of course, but I wasn’t quite that organised…)

Look good don’t they? If you want bear food suggestions, how about honey sandwiches?

After biscuits, we played stick the tail on the bear, which was great fun. You could easily do this for yourself if you draw out a bear picture. Double sided sticky tape or glue dots on pom poms make for good bear tails, as you can see here.

Other activities you could include in your party – a bear hunt treasure trail, either inside or out, depending on the weather. Or how about a bear hunt memory game – I went on a bear hunt and I took a something with me. Then the next person has to repeat the first person’s thing and add their own and so on. And of course, no party is complete with goodie bags – ours were bear themed of course.

Of course, you’ll need a copy of the film to hold your party – download link or buy from Amazon (with ears!) here (affiliate).

With thanks to UKMumsTV for getting us involved in this one.

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  1. This looks fab. We loved the film and the party looks lots of fun xx

  2. It sounds like lots of fun, everyone likes to decorate cookies and you’re right about the striped popcorn bags. That’s actually a great idea for movie night too.

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