Sunday (night) snippets 22 January 2016

{feeling} tired. And tired of being tired. But apparently my inflammatory marker level (only bit of the blood test that’s back) is normal. Not that I have any idea what that means.

{pushing} boundaries on drawing. Tonight I drew my sktchy portrait with a magic crayon. It was my 50th submission to the platform as well, which feels like quite a good milestone, although as there are some people submitting two and three a day I’m not going to be going into the headlines any time soon.

{looping} back to tired. But with a side helping of determined. I need to pace myself and achieve stuff in and between bouts of extra sleep I think. (I’m turning into a sloth. It’s not fun. And I’m not even getting cute with it.)

{enjoying} skies.

Big marked her 17th this week, which should have a post of its own when I’m not quite so tired. (Did I already mention that?) Small got his first iGCSE result, an A in computer science. Go him 🙂 Smallest is reading every picture book after I read it now – just waiting for her to make the leap to chapter books. I have a shelf of rainbow fairies waiting 😉 (And a whole lot of other things, but rainbow fairies have a long and honoured history here as gateway books to the real stuff!) Tigerboy is hovering in the not quite reading stages, but I think he’s absorbing a lot of what Smallest is up to, so it probably won’t be long.

A question. There are quite a few things I’d like to buy for myself to continue arting, not least a couple of anime style movable mannequins in lieu of making it to a life drawing class. I’d like art to be self funding though, and I’m not sure how best to achieve that. I started a patreon, but haven’t poked it, and while I’ve got a kofi button and have put it on book review posts I don’t feel right just asking for handouts. If there is something art related – cards, sketches, prints of mine that you’d consider buying, what would it be? And would you rather buy through something like etsy, or redbubble? Lots of examples on instagram, although I think sometime this week I’ll try to put together a portfolio page too.

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  1. Oh lovely, I am worried about you. I hope the pain eases and you get some sleep. I’m struggling a bit with the time of year I think, but it’ll pass. I’m here for you. Well done Small on his A. Happy birthday Big. Wow, just wow! 17 already! Lovely that smallest reading is coming on so well. And Tigerboy is right there. I think I’d buy prints or sketches x

  2. Oh the rainbow fairies we absolutely had hundreds! Would you do reviewsin return for art supplies?
    Becky recently posted…How are grey hairs adding to our age?My Profile

  3. Portfolio page is better, I feel though I visit pinterest and instagram for ideas.

  4. Sorry you’re so tired, but exciting news about your art: I buy from Etsy and RedBubble, and both prints and cards would be attractive purchases, I think (as would some of your photographs).
    Candi recently posted…Do you mind?My Profile

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