Getting Christmas crafty – no 1 peg doll fairies.

So, last night I had plans – how did it all pan out?

Well, we did some of it 🙂

I started the day with my physio mandated exercises. Then I did a bit of crying when my shoulder went into spasm 🙁 I’d been gentle, honest, but obviously not gentle enough.

Pulled myself together and somehow motivated the small people to get themselves ready to walk to home education soft play, (a walkable home education activity!) under 10 minutes by myself, and nearer 15 with a Tigerboy in tow. It was a grey miserable day out there, though if you check instagram (over there in the sidebar) you’ll see that we did spot some flowers on our way. Vibernum, if I recall correctly, and very strongly scented. Which was nice.

For a little while we were the only family at soft play, and then another little girl arrived. She’s someone that Smallest has really hit it off with, so they had a lovely session basically running and shouting with a very involved Pokemon based game. And why not.

Home for lunch, and then I gradually assembled craft equipment. Tim needed to pop out for salt for the water softener to the local hardware shop, and I asked him to check if they had dolly pegs (I am sure I have some, *somewhere*) and it turned out that they do, so peg doll fairies (or clothes pin fairies, depending 😉 ) were a go.

The starting out heap looked a bit like this.

craft materials needed to made peg doll fairies

Obviously I then had to pause to gather the bits I’d forgotten….

The printed instruction sheet, in case you’re wondering, comes from the 30 Christmas Ornaments (affiliate) by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art as mentioned yesterday. Each craft is set out with a materials list and easy to follow instructions with pictures, on a printable page as you can see. This one is from the School Age section (which I think *ought* to read primary school age, given there’s also an older kids to balance out the preschool section) and was perfect for Smallest, who is a very careful child when she’s working. Spot that concentration 😉

Of course, it would have helped if she’d listened a *little* more closely, as she wouldn’t have very carefully taken out the second piece of cardboard from the pom pom maker that I’d given her, and she wouldn’t then have had to do it all over again 😉

She didn’t seem to mind. We painted the faces, hair and bodices on first, then while that dried did the pom pom skirts, from some fab material I bought years ago for a dress up outfit. My tip here would be to keep to light material – we tried another out of ribbon and it was far too heavy and not nearly as effectively.

Pom poms from material are a lot quicker to make than pom poms from wool, although there is a moment of absolute terror as you’re cutting round and trying to tie the wool/ thread round the middle. I did it though – I think that bit was a bit too hard for Smallest, but she is only 7.

And our final results?

I really rather like them. What do you think? And which one is mine?

I made time to run down to poundland for some cheap tights as well – tomorrow’s target craft is Austrian Angels.

Finished up the day with Stick Man (Amazon affiliate) for tonight’s #picturebookadvent – one of Tigerboy’s all time favourite. Incidentally – he was invited to take part in the craft, but apparently gaming is far more interesting. Sigh. Might have to have a think about that.

So, what have you all been up to?

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