10 ways to celebrate 10 years of Augustus and his smile.

Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner is a very lovely book. It’s about being sad, and finding ways of not being sad. Including dancing in the rain, and going on a very long walk through nature. It *always* makes me smile, and quite often inspires me to go out for one of those walks to see what I can spot, and I was thrilled to be asked to help celebrate the 10th anniversary edition. (It’s shiny and gold and really rather beautiful. See? Amazon links are affiliate links.)

Augustus and His Smile 10th Anniversary Edition

So then I wondered what I could do to celebrate. And I decided that I would come up with 10 ideas to share.

1) Buy (and/or read) the new 10th anniversary copy of the book 🙂 (Handy Amazon links above. Other bookshops are available.)
It’s got a shiny gold cover! (Did I already say that?) And if you do, a donation is made to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s TigerTime campaign.

2) Go on a nature walk. I did exactly that this afternoon, and it was wonderful. Yes, I took my camera, why do you ask? 😉

3) Visit a tiger. We did this last week, as we went to Colchester Zoo for a home education session, and they have Amur tigers there. Obviously Tigerboy wanted to go see them, so we did, and got a really good view.


4) Sponsor or adopt a tiger.
Various zoos and organisations allow you to sponsor one of their animals. For example, Colchester:

5) Dress up as a tiger. Probably works best if you’re small and cute 😉

6) Dance in the rain. Jump in puddles. Splash!

7) Play sleeping tigers. (Wonderful excuse for a nap, and don’t we all deserve one? )

8) Paint/draw/stick your own tiger pictures.


My attempt here too.


9) Have a tiger party – tiger bread anyone? It’s stripy 🙂

10) Invite other people to come up with their own tigery suggestions – so over to you? How should we celebrate 10 years of Augustus?

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