Fun with felt at home education group

First meet of the year, a workshop run by a felting expert. Now, I’m reasonably familiar with felt after my Kentwell experience, but I’m never going to pass up on the chance to work with an expert, and this turned out to be great fun.

Smallest designed a picture, I just love the way the colours and textures of felt interact.

I think she was quite pleased with it :))

Mind, Tigerboy looked pretty pleased  with his flower too.

(Green on the outside, colours swirled inside, and some yellow and orange for the middle.)
And then you apply water, soap and pressure. The picture stays flat, once the flower is felted together, you work it round your thumb to give it form.

Nothing to do with the felting process – just couldn’t resist this shot of light on fibres. Who could?

It was a lovely start to our group home education year. One of my promises to myself at the solstice was to get a bit more involved in our local groups for the sake of the younger children – I want them to have a strong local network like the one we had when the oolder children were young up in Yorkshire. Many of the people we met through our early years education group, locally and nationally, are still our friends now, we are in touch regularly, go to youth hostels and camps together. Yes, I want that all over again 🙂

And on the way home, I picked up fruit and mushrooms from a roadside stall, and stopped for a picture of the big Suffolk skies.


A good day.

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  1. That’s amazing -I’ve never seen felt artwork like that before.

    • Have you not? I sometimes forget that our normal isn’t everyone else’s! I love the flower particularly, think I’ll be making some more 🙂

  2. Was lovely to see you all. Love the photo of the light through the fleece, I didn’t notice that!

  3. Oh I love the felt artwork, my little girl would really enjoy that so we will have to give it a go. It’s something that I haven’t experimented with before so I would love to try and make the shapes with it too x

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