Saturday snippets 31 October 2015

{walking} to the beach whenever possible. This week has been good for chances to get out. I’m cherishing every one.

{decluttering} a whole 11 books, a sack of toys and a sack of clothes this week. It’s a start. And I think it was slightly more than came into the house, so that’s a positive. Also filled the kitchen recycle box a couple of times, and a carrier bag of rubbish. Slow and steady doesn’t work. I’ve just got to do what I can when I can. Today was a good day for it, and if tomorrow is good, I’ll do more.

{baking} scones. I know. Doesn’t sound like me does it?

{spending} far too much time in the car this week. Have done miles and miles shuttling children around the county. Some relaxing half term break :/

{enjoying} focussed time with each of the three younger children.

{missing} spending any time with Big 🙁

{concentrating} on photography. I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on all types of creativity at once, which is slightly annoying.

{pondering} nano. Or writing beauty. But definitely writing.

{failing} to replace my laptop.

{conversations} on the way home from computing club, approaching an hour of I spy. My turn.
‘I spy……. with my little eye…….’
Small: you’re just saying that really slowly so that you can say h for home when we get round the corner.
Somewhat impressed with his insight there.


Big has mainly been away at Kentwell doing Scaresville, and returned to do some sleeping before going off to do cadet things. Small has had an interesting week – bat walk at Flatford Mills, computing club, fencing, gaming marathon and tonight a brief backgammon tournament with Tim. I say brief because he lost quite comprehensively 😉 Smallest enjoyed the bat walk, but missed swimming this week – she fell in the carpark and grazed both her knees quite badly. Tigerboy missed a large part of the bat talk (as did I) due to screaming, but enjoyed the walk and made it the whole way round. He’s doing a lot on mathseeds at the moment, and is utterly fascinated by numbers.

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  1. I’ve done my annual internal debate about nano and, as is my tradition, I decide I can’t take it on this year either. I seriously need to declutter again though. I’m always amazed how you can do it and a few months later it needs doing again – and I’m not bringing loads of stuff into the house. Have a good week xxx

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