I haven’t blogged

And it’s making me twitchy, not blogging, holes in the archives.

I haven’t blogged, and I’m afraid my readers will just fade away, forget I was here. (Are you still here? )

No blog for days and I might forget the days, except. Except that I have a record of beach days in photographs, and evenings in books read. I have shells collected from our trips out, and pictures drawn inspired by fiction.


I have a page in my Wreck this journal book, filled in by 4 of us, and you can see who drew what.

I might forget our meal plans. I won’t forget a picnic at a beach hut with 5 other families. Will this be the core of the group my younger children will grow up with? Will these women be my friends in a decade’s time?

I haven’t written a school update. No report of a progress evening or the first month as the parent of a school child. But I have all these lovely sunrise shots of instagram from getting up to see her before she goes off for her day.

It turns out I haven’t blogged because we’ve been quite busy. Photographing bears on beaches, playing games, learning how to crab, enjoying short but oh so sunny days.

When it comes down to it, those are pretty good reasons to skip blogging.

Disclosure: I am Squarehead and the sequel, Hairy Scary’s bad day were supplied for consideration for review. We really rather love them, and Smallest has put in a request for book 3 to feature Chinwag  the dog.

II took part in the kickstarter for Island, and then started chatting with Nicky on twitter. The pic was completely my doing – there isn’t even a filter, it”s just the book,, on a rock, at the beach. I stayed up late reading the book, and haven’t regretted a single yawn. It’s a meeting of generations, an exploration of imagination,, a tale about  dysfunctional families, and a clash of cultures. There’s a joyful use of language and a wondering of illustration (Chris Riddell,, in case you didn’t recognise the style). It’s a book to share with your children, and to sspark both hope and deetrmination.

A book to gift, and cherish.  Please consider reading it. Available via Nicky Singer direct – tell her I sent you 🙂

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  1. Fabulous photos!

    I have HUGE gaps in my blog. I always say I am not a blogger but I do love to blog. Maybe we shouldn’t feel obliged, maybe we should just indulge when we want and our lives allow. I have stopped worrying about it (most of the time).

  2. I’m gappy too: growing more gappy by the day. I need to work out why. But given a choice between a book to read and a blog post to write I think I’d choose the book every time…

    • It started off being a record of days. Then it became just a thing I do. Now it’s a connection to myself, and maybe a way to connect to others. But it might also be a bit of an obsession, and that’s probably not all that healthy.

  3. I think they are great reasons for a bloggy gap and no-one will forget you Jax. Mich x
    Michelle Twin Mum recently posted…20 Tips to get More from your MoneyMy Profile

  4. All the best reasons for a blogging gap, being Country Kids not writing about it! Sounds like busy times but oh so much fun too. I wonder if you have just teamed up with some mates for life in the new school social group, it will be interesting to reflect back on this post in years to come. The book sounds an excellent read and I adore your photo, I hope Nicky can use it too. Thank you for sharing some awesome moments on Country Kids.

  5. You have to do things to have things to blog about and it’s ok not to blog, your readers are always still here. xx

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