Win a Chromecast

chromecast outer box

This is a chromecast.

No, I didn’t know either.

Supports BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, BT Sport, NOW TV and Google Play Movies & Music
Works with Android, iOS , Windows, Mac and Chromebooks
Easy setup: plug into any HDTV and connect to your home Wifi Network
Everything you love, now on your TV

Basically, what this means is that all those lovely streaming services you enjoy on your phone, or tablet, or computer, you can now see on your rather nicer to look at TV screen. Assuming you have a nicer to look at TV screen 😉 You can buy yourself Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, or you can enter to win one right here 🙂

I’m good to you, aren’t I?

I was sent one to review as well. It’s incredibly dinky. Slightly chunkier than a USB drive but looking very much like that sort of thing.
The box contains
1x Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player
1x HDMI Extender
1x USB Power Cable
1x Power Adapter
so you’re good to go if you’ve got a smart something or other than can work it (it supports Android 2.3 and higher, iOS 6 and higher, Mac OS 10.7 and higher, Windows 7 and higher and Chrome OS (Chromebook Pixel, Acer C720 Chromebook, Acer C720P Chromebook, HP Chromebook 14 and Toshiba Chromebook) ). Oh, and you need a HDTV to plug it into. Sadly I’m not giving one of those away 😉

This is ideal for those of us addicted to Netflix or a variety of other streaming services, as mentioned above. Which I think is probably all of us. Who watches live TV any more? Anyone? And mine came with codes for NowTV and Google Play, which I need to get around to activating.

Basically, it’s all good. And you’d like to win one wouldn’t you? So head on down to the widget and get entering. And where it asks you to leave a comment, that’s right here on the blog 🙂

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Disclosure: this competition is sponsored by JNB who are providing the prize, and also sent me a chromecast for review. No further recompense has been received. Listed on ThePrizeFinder: see more Competitions at ThePrizeFinder

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  1. I’m old fashioned, I still watch TV…er… On a TV. Although I do love my TiVo box!

  2. I’ve been watching hours of live tv for about three months now!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      ah. Yes. Want to win a chromecast then? 😉

      • We don’t have an HDTV so wouldn’t be able to use it.

        I just commented because I wanted to comment that we watch live tv on a tv 🙂

        • Apparently we do have a HDTV. Actually HisNibs says we have two HDTVs. I never knew! Both were given to us by people who’d upgraded so just assumed they were old tech.

          • But we hook the iPads up to them in the same way this gadget would work. So still better for someone else to win it.

  3. Tracey Peach says:

    I watch some scheduled TV & I also watch catch up channels on my chromebook xxx

  4. Tracy Nixon says:

    I watch Tv on the tv or sometimes I watch catchup tv or movies on my laptop in bed!

  5. kim neville says:

    We have virgin and watch/record programmes on TV

  6. Tania Atfield says:

    I watch scheduled programmes and some catch up.

  7. iain maciver says:

    normal tv so far

  8. Sian Alcock says:

    In the dark, on the sofa and with a glass of red…..but only on days ending in y!

  9. I watch TV on my…….. TV!!!!!!

  10. laura banks says:

    i watch through virgin and catch up

  11. Tracy Hanley says:

    we watch tv on our televison

  12. I watch on a TV when I watch, which is rarely nowadays, I’m more of a YouTube girl now!

  13. melanie stirling says:

    I watch on tv and at the time it’s originally on!

  14. K..C.Mankell says:

    I am willing to be “with it” and to use all the modern devices that will be of use to me.

  15. Patricia Walker says:

    I watch some tv on the tv set but most of my viewing is done on my pc

  16. We use Amazon prime mainly but would love to be able to watch upstairs and this would allow us to do that.

  17. Steve Carroll says:

    Mainly on the actual TV. A mix of live broadcasts and stuff recorded on Sky+. Also watch catch up via Sky+ and sometimes on an iPad.

  18. Nicola McC says:

    I mainly watch TV on my Smart TV but sometimes on my laptop.

  19. On a TV with Freeview – although I have many box sets too.

  20. As I’m currently without an aerial (damn building works) I am living on my Friends box set. I’ve watched all 10 series 5 times because I can’t get Netflix on the TV. I may need help.

  21. Tv with a tivo box and netflix on the ipad x

  22. Brad Start says:

    I mostly watch Freeview through my aerial, but do keep up with live rugby (Union) through my iPad.

  23. Mary Hill says:

    I mainly watch TV with my sky package u like to record and watch catch up TV! I also watch on my built in freeview in the bedroom reception isn’t the bestthis would be fantastic though ?

  24. Helen Battle says:

    On normal tv

  25. Ruth Harwood says:

    We have Sky and record everything to watch later so we can skip the adverts x

  26. Jennifer Haden says:

    We watch from our Roku, usually things on youtube

  27. Jade Hewlett says:

    I watch tv mostly live or recorded from the tv but sometimes I’ll watch catch up programmes on my ipad.

  28. Suzanne Drummond says:

    on my laptop x

  29. We watch most of our TV on the TV, including Netflix, iPlayer etc as we have one of those smart TVs now. I often watch things the husband doesn’t watch on the laptop. And only our main TV is a Smart one so this would be perfect for our bedroom.

  30. sharon martin says:

    tv with sky

  31. On my tablet especially when other half is playing on his xbox of an evening and I get bored lol xx

  32. We have SKY 🙂

  33. Michelle Banks says:

    we have virgin, really would love this, ive heard so many good things about them x

  34. We usually record stuff into the sky+ box then watch it back once the sprogs are asleep!

  35. Paula Readings says:

    I have ‘sky’ and tend to watch quite a few program’s on that.

  36. Keith Hunt says:

    Old TV shows on youtube of free sat.

  37. Christine Johnson says:

    On sky and just flick through

  38. suneet kumar says:

    It will be good to watch seasons on TV using this Google chromecast

  39. Greig spencer says:

    through sky

  40. Patricia Fraser says:

    I normally sky+ my programmes then watch them when i can get the time.

  41. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I have a NOW TV Box

  42. Angela L White says:

    sky and netflix

  43. stacy sorrell says:

    we have freeview, and netflix

  44. i turn the telly on and then i watch

  45. Christina Palmer says:

    I just watch tv the old fashioned way live on tv using a freeview box

  46. Rey Chunara says:

    I watch a lot of Catchup and Netflix on my tablet

  47. Isabell Whitestall says:

    I watch tv the old fashioned way, although I sometimes record shows and watch from my sky box

  48. we have virgin and watch it on the tv downstairs

  49. Paula Barker says:

    We have a HDTV, but use catch up quiet a lot

  50. I literally only watch Netflix these days!

  51. I literally only watch Netflix these days!

  52. KT Alderson says:

    Via Catch Up either online or on the Tivo Box

  53. On normal TV plus tablet plus catch up

  54. Phil Morris says:

    Watch Live & Time Shifted (PVR). Small amount of Catch Up. All at home. I can’t seem to enjoy TV/DVD a great deal on the move (except really long journeys – then download to USB or SDD), so don’t bother.

  55. Paul Scotland says:

    I watch TV via Sky and Sky Go

  56. I don’t seem to have much time to watch tv other than in the evenings, so will sometimes watch catch up on iplayer on the pc whilst I read all the blogs I enjoy

  57. Jackie Dawson says:

    I mainly watch throught my smart tv 🙂

  58. Anne Plumb says:

    Usually watch TV whilst curled up on the sofa – just about everything I watch is pre-recorded on the hard drive so that I can watch it when I want, pause when I want, and FF the ads and quiz show chat. Very occasionally I will download a show tht I have missed with Catch up TV

  59. Allan Wilson says:

    We watch it on the traditional telly but through a fire box.

  60. how ironic, just been looking at this Chromecast as fed up with wires all over the place when i want to watch a download from laptop. had a great review from techradar, very tempted to go and get one, but keeping fingers crossed with this giveaway!!hehe

  61. Usually on my main set – with my knitting and catch up on my lap top

  62. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I can’t get freeview signal in my new place so I watch live channels through my Now TV Box or laptop and my Now TV Box has catch up too. I also watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video too.

  63. Richard Moore says:

    On a regular television but I also watch some shows via youtube

  64. On regular TV

  65. I usually watch tv on Netflix or Hulu.

  66. gemma clark says:

    I don’t tend to watch anything live. All my faves get recorded onto our tivo box and I watch them when I get a chance 🙂

  67. lisa dolatowski says:

    On my old tube style TV bought in 2002, and still going strong!

  68. Clara Bee says:

    I watch freeview

  69. Mr Kevin McGovern says:

    Sky free for a year that I won last year, so need a new medium to watch TV soon

  70. Usually the flatscreen in the living room, or occasionally on the laptop hen working in the study

  71. Emma Ellams says:

    On demand usually, through the ipad or on the tele 🙂

  72. emma thackery says:

    netflix and record things on sky plus

  73. nicola clarkson says:

    TV or IPAD

  74. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    I watch a lot of things on my laptop, or just through freesat.

  75. kelly holden says:

    On a TV

  76. Phil Oneill says:

    Normal t.v and Netflix.

  77. Alan Blaikie says:

    Tv and tablet.

  78. Neil Dobson says:

    Mostly I watch TV on an actual TV

  79. alex fowler says:

    I watch tv via Sky

  80. Kirsty Fox says:

    We have Sky, so we record alot and snuggle on the sofa and watch films.

  81. Julie Ward says:

    I’m an old foggie so normal tv, dummies r us with technology

  82. beth crunden says:

    i record everything i want to watch then watch without the adverts

  83. Louise Lumsden says:

    a mix between the tv & laptop we record what we want to watch on the tv so we don’t have to sit through the ads

  84. claire little says:

    on tv??

  85. Kym Robson says:

    Record most programs onto my Freeview HD Digital Recorder so I can watch them whenever I like (and skip the adverts)

  86. Prerna Gupta says:

    I watch on TV!

  87. Tina Holmes says:

    On catch up or the iPad

  88. As a direct result of this post I was able to sell the benefits of this at PC World yesterday. They had a display of Chromecasts right in the entrance and I recognised them and recommended them :-D.

  89. On normal TV, via freeview 🙂

  90. David Cartwright says:

    About once a day…usually streaming.

  91. I watch catchup tv or on my laptop

  92. Mira Dyuss says:

    Tv on the tv

  93. Carolynn Woodland says:

    I watch through Freeview

  94. laura stewart says:

    i like live tv xx

  95. Jane Barrett says:

    Freeview and catch up

  96. Paula Davies says:

    Always in the sitting room on the large screen. Only if I’m ill do I watch in bed on my iPad! I love TV, it’s a big part of my life.

  97. mostly recorded programmes.

  98. Rachel Butterworth says:

    On my TV and sometimes on my tablet.

  99. emily henderson says:

    On my TV! I watch sky and record lots of programs to watch later on

  100. Tara Davies says:

    Usually watch TV through Sky, although I am using catch up far more now x

  101. Andrew Robson says:

    TV and tablet with SkyGo

  102. Michelle Phillips says:

    Online, always. I never watch the tele anymore

  103. P Millington says:

    On my tv, sometimes recorded.

  104. John Massie says:

    On tv and laptop

  105. John Massie says:

    On tv and laptop

  106. I watch Netflix and Catchup on my PC through HDMI to TV 🙂 x

  107. I watch very little TV through my actual TV these days. I’m usually to be found watching catch up on my iPad.

  108. Paul Mellor says:

    I watch TV via Freeview

  109. Kirsty John says:

    Usually on the TV, but occasionally on the laptop or tablet

  110. Just on my regular tv

  111. Pauline Wilson says:

    I watch tv with my feet up and my pj’s on. I usually just record everything to watch whenever I want as I work different days and times each week

  112. Normal TV

  113. Have HDTV me and girlfriend watch virgin catchup when I’m not on shift
    our daughter getting us into NOW and netflix and my other half has got amazon prime
    I need to add my own wisdom

  114. Caroline Blaza says:

    We watch tv via Sky x

  115. I watch all TV on catch up on my laptop

  116. barbara clarke says:

    I record or download lots of tv so I can watch it when the kids are in bed

  117. judy kennedy says:


  118. donna l jones says:

    watch it on my tv

  119. janine atkin says:

    i usually watch things on my laptopvia catch up services

  120. Laura Vitty says:

    I watch Netflix on my smart TV

  121. I’d love to have this as it will work well with all my family’s Android devices for streaming movies, music and other stuff. 🙂

  122. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    watch on freeview

  123. gemma nisbet says:

    I watch it on my TIVO box

  124. Anthony Martin says:

    freeview, terrestrial, amazon and sky ooh and netflix x

  125. Brian Cheney says:

    I don’t watch much TV now, apart from on catch-up services

  126. elaine robinson says:

    normal tv

  127. vicki hennie says:

    I think im addicted to netflix i watch it on the tv on my phone and on my ipad depending on where i am x x

  128. Mostly watch by playing back the programmes I’ve recorded, as I’m at work when they’re broadcast.

  129. Hayley Colburn says:

    on Freeview x

  130. russell hutton says:


  131. Talk Talk, it does for us.

  132. sarah burton says:

    We have Sky and the kids are big fans of Sky+

  133. Natasha Edwards says:

    We watch TV either on the TV itself, on our tablet or sometimes even on our mobile phones ? x thank you for a chance to win this x

  134. KAREN HALL says:

    TV mostly but catch on iPad

  135. I usually watch it straight from the TV or use the +1 channels or use my laptop for catchup

  136. Laura Whittle says:

    On my very old rubbish tele 🙁

  137. Becky Morgan says:

    online using catchup or netflix

  138. Kirsty Ward says:

    Either through Freeview or through My Now tv box!

  139. trevor linvell says:

    I watch it through my tv and my PC

  140. Kelly Roberts says:

    On tv or ipad

  141. Jessica Hutton says:

    I watch it on tv or on my ipad xx

  142. Alex James says:

    Mostly streamed through PC which is fine except for the large unused TV in the corner!

  143. hannah igoe says:

    I am pretty sure that we hardly ever watch live TV now, we never see things when they are actually on!

  144. I usually miss shows as they are broadcast, so try to catch up on-demand on my laptop (although it keeps overheating and crashing when watching full screen, so one of these would be great!)

  145. On TV

  146. Tim Woolfenden says:

    Mainly on TV occasionally on PC or tablet or phone

  147. Laura Loo says:

    We watch tv through sky or amazon prime

  148. teresa sheldon says:

    We mainly watch it through TAlk Talk but wouldn’t recommend it

  149. Sheri Darby says:

    Just a TV

  150. Anne Woodthorpe says:

    Virgin media recorded on tv and laptop

  151. nikki tucker says:

    sky box

  152. Sharon Mclauchlan says:

    i watch catch up and netflix

  153. Rick Carr says:

    Mostly main TV, though regular use of Netflix on PC/Tablet

  154. John Shakspeare says:

    On my laptop

  155. victoria thurgood says:

    i have sky so i record everything and watch alot of netflix and youtube flicked to the telly

  156. Samantha Rummens says:

    mainly on tv but sometimes on my ipad

  157. we just set the box to record whatever we want to watch and then watch it at leisure. Our tv is a smart tv with built in wi-fi but i cannot get it to connect to our home ifi so its a bit useless really

  158. Kirsty Woods says:

    Is this a trick question 🙂 i watch tv with my eyes lol

  159. Iain Whittle says:

    On the main TV with either freeview or sky or in the bedroom with a freeview PVR box

  160. dawn thompson says:

    Via netflix

  161. Karen Foster says:

    Freeview TV or a tablet

  162. Jane Green says:

    My family make fun of me, as I still watch it when its on!! I have been known to get my son out of bed to show me how to operate the controls lol

  163. Susan Sargent says:

    Have a smart tv so I can record when I am out, and view at my leisure

  164. I watch TV on catch up like iPlayer, very rarely live!

  165. Daniel Stacey says:

    Mostly watch recorded TV or live sports

  166. A mix of on the TV and on my laptop via iPlayer/ITV Playing etc…

  167. Philip Bell says:

    Hello I only have basic cable freeview : (

  168. Kerry Smith says:

    We record our favourite shows on virgin than save then to watch together in a block

  169. Robert Dittrich says:

    Mostly on my big screen TV, almost always recorded or on catchup on freeview. A Chromecast would make this even easier and give me more viewing choices.

  170. Watch recorded episodes

  171. Alaine Godfrey says:

    I watch mostly everything on Catchup

  172. Heather Tinkler says:

    At the moment Bake off!!!

  173. Beccy Rowley says:

    We record our fave programs on Sky then watch them together at the weekend.

  174. I watch English TV on my Freesat recorder- never live, usually late at night before bed.

    I watch a lot of French TV online too.

  175. Mark Beynon says:

    The tv is mine, the kids watch their stuff on the tablet.

  176. Emma Wolski says:

    Through sky and mostly record series and watch them later. Very expensive every month!

  177. Lisa Houston says:

    through my tv,

  178. Adrian Lee says:

    Fingers crossed

  179. Amy Lambert says:

    I watch TV through my Tivo box 🙂

  180. Joanne Jackson says:

    I watch on the TV

  181. Christine Wilkinson says:

    on the TV using Freeview!

  182. Alexander Winton says:

    When its being broadcast and I also record programmes

  183. jo liddement says:

    I watch through freeview on a tv and I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime to get more variety to watch

  184. Richard Green says:

    I watch around 2-3 hours a day

  185. Chris Fletcher says:

    Sat on the sofa – watching the telly!

  186. lucy barrell says:

    i use sky to watch tv and i am subscribed to netflix

  187. On the telly with our sky box 🙂

  188. liz ferguson says:

    netflixs and now tv, plus a little catch up on the player thing xx

  189. Chevaune Stanley says:

    LOL, I have to laugh. First description of what Chromecast does that Ive understood!! The shame of it….too embarrassed to ask the kids and I have tried to find out on the web. Having read the above, this would stop me suffering the indiginity of trying to watch catch up TV on my laptop, where the buffering makes a one hour programme last around four hours!!

  190. Caroline Signey says:


  191. Philip Boyle says:


  192. Daniel Todd says:

    I use apple tv through my ipad on to my tv

  193. I usually watch live tv on the tv, or via sky plus. I’m also watching the iplayers a bit on my tablet. Chromecast sounds fab !

  194. Melanie Pennie says:

    Through Sky but tend to record a lot of programmes as everything I like tends to be on at the same time!

  195. I’m a netflix addict, currently watching through a PS4

  196. LEE HARDY says:

    On tv through sky plus.

  197. simon hardy says:

    we watch tv on a skyplus box

  198. Keelyann Chauntry says:

    On my 50″ tv x

  199. Colin Richardson says:

    Sitting in a chair facing the tellybox is my usual way of watching tv 🙂

  200. We have a Sky+ box so I very rarely watch anything live anymore. Instead I record or download what I want to watch.

  201. Allan Fullarton says:

    watch scheduled programmes and catch up. Great prize!

  202. hayley mattthews says:

    I watch it on the tv usually with a hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows!

  203. We mostly watch Netflix but I’ve had a Chromecast/Amazon Fire on my wishlist for aaaaaaages!

  204. Caroline Ferguson says:

    Watch a lot of iPlayer as tot can be picky about his TV programmes

  205. Clare Hubbard says:

    We watch a lot of sky boxsets 🙂

  206. carol phile says:

    On the telly, often recorded stuff off Sky Plus, coffee in hand and loud cat on lap – or circling me or in front of the screen. He’s Siamese. No peace….

  207. alice lightning says:

    watch an assortment sky has it all

  208. Angela Paull says:

    Mostly via catch up on Sky

  209. CAROL PATRICK says:

    On the main TV set via Freesat

  210. Nicola Holland says:

    Freeview – from my armchair!

  211. Rachael Cunliffe says:

    I watch TV using my eyes, for I am a bluff old traditionalist like that. Also I may not have understood the question… I watch on tv, via catch up on the youview box or live 🙂

  212. Dorothy Kousoulou says:

    on TV, tivo box or netflix, and occasional catchup on my computer

  213. karen Howden says:

    Laid in bed, doing competitions

  214. Steve Miles says:

    Scheduled TV on Freeview

  215. Annmarie Nutt says:

    I hope there is more worth watching on the chromecast than normal TV

  216. Charlotte Hood says:

    I normally watch random stuff live then things I actually want to watch on catchup!

  217. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I generally still watch on my TV as I like the big screen. I record a lot on sky and watch it afterwards and I do sometimes watch catch up on my ipad

  218. Julie Whittaker says:

    Practically everything on Sky+ so I don’t have to put up with the adverts!! Occasionall I’ll watch something on my laptop but it’s a bit slow!!

  219. Hayley Evans says:

    I watch TV through freesat, had to give up Sky as we just couldn’t afford it. Dying to try chromecast

  220. Normal TV , sitting on the sofa clicking through channels most of the time

  221. Rachel O'Leary says:

    Would love to win this 😀

  222. Rachel O'Leary says:

    Love streaming my favourite shows, it’s not the same watching them on a laptop

  223. jemma dwyer says:

    sky movies is my fav being a film geek that i am 🙂

  224. nicodemus says:

    bit of a struggle with ‘old’ 2008ish macbook with old system, cheap old early hd plasma, and about 20 leads I’ve used to try to hook them up to get better picture. I’ve got a half-working android tablet thing (half the touch screen doesn’t work), apparently you can work a chromecast thingy through it. It”s a struggle, but I can get something reasonable on 42 inch screen on a low budget, so I’m happy…but technically I know it can be pushed to be a bit better. Not in definition, but some converter thingy, which should in theory be nice and newish on chromecast, with less blurring during fast and furious action scenes. Downton Abbey or teletubbies is fine, but mission impossible 3 would probably be..impixellable?

  225. melanie betteridge says:

    just normal tv and freeview

  226. I watch Netflix on the xbox.

  227. Helen Ellis says:

    Mostly main tv

  228. Stacey Craig says:

    Sky downstairs but DVDs in the bedroom

  229. Joan Hewes says:

    This would be great as have HD TV but nothing else!

  230. John Mills says:

    Currently using a skybox that is unreliable to say the least. Been pondering alternatives for a few weeks now.

  231. Jill Fairbank says:

    TV or the iPad

  232. On catchup from sky box.
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  233. Mainly catch up tv on my tablet

  234. helen booth says:

    Through our Smart TV!

  235. emma kinsey says:

    on my tv or phone or ipad

  236. zoe somerfield says:

    We have Virgin and Netflix, use Netflix for movies

  237. Kirsty Sparks says:

    On a TV

  238. Philip Thomas says:

    For me, I just watch everything via the internet (Netflix etc), it’s much simpler and easier

  239. Karen Painter says:

    We have Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime so plenty of choice.

  240. samantha bolter says:

    TV an Ipad usually 🙂

  241. On a 42 inch TV via Sky.

  242. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    We have Sky + and with children we very rarely watch live TV anymore, instead we sit down at night when they have gone to bed and catch up on all the things we have prerecorded.

  243. Mainly Netfilx / Amazon Prime / Now TV through PS4

  244. Susan Freeman says:

    sky tv downstairs and youview upstairs

  245. ann clements says:

    I watch tv with sky

  246. Kim Styles says:

    on tv ! with freeview

  247. on main set but sometimes catchup on computer

  248. Spencer Broadley says:

    Freeview at the moment

  249. claire woods says:


  250. Keith Wallbanks says:

    Mostly via an iPad and iPlayer, as my younger son hogs the TV

  251. carol boffey says:


  252. louise morgan says:

    We watch and record off Sky and TV .

  253. Emma Whittaker says:

    We currantly have Sky HD 🙂

  254. Chloe bailey says:

    On my tablet!

  255. On the main TV, we’ve got sky at the mo!

  256. Joanne Fisher says:

    Virgin Tivo Downstairs & freeview upstairs or watch netflix & iplayer on ipad

  257. Aaron Milne says:

    Have no TV at the moment

  258. Maggie Riordan says:

    When I am away from home in the UK or abroad, I use a chrome cast. They are brilliant.

  259. Kate Phillips says:

    At the moment just watch ‘normal’ TV but would like to learn more about things like catchup.

  260. Kim Lawrence says:

    The old way, on the television – but with almost (Mum! Mum!) constant (Mum! Mum!) interruption (Mum! Mum!) from the (Mum! Mum!) kids 🙂

  261. christine westlake says:

    I watch T.V. on a T.V. the old fashioned way!

  262. On my smart TV or ipad

  263. Tamsin Dean says:

    normal record favourite stuff and watch it all at the weekend through sky

  264. Steve Ellis says:

    On TV – but also have a Now TV box for BBC iPlayer

  265. Victoria Prince says:

    I’m old fashioned and watch tv on a tv 🙂 That said, I do have a PVR and watch almost everything via that

  266. Eric Jones says:

    I watch tv via my sky box – record series that I think I will enjoy and watch 2-3 episodes sise by side.

  267. Antonio Santos says:

    No TV. We watch everything online.

  268. Michael Rattray says:

    Freeview and occasionally online

  269. claire davey says:

    either on catchup or live tv depends too many good programmes usually on at once.

  270. Leanne Hansell says:

    I record everything on Sky and then watch it when I have time.

  271. Usually on TV 🙂

  272. Kay Panayi says:

    I watch on sky normally recorded

  273. Ann Smith says:

    We have Sky with Sky+

  274. Rachel Wise says:

    I watch on TV – tend to watch stuff recorded with the family

  275. Gwyn Sharps says:

    I watch TV on the TV, but I tend to watch my NOW TV box, not the normal telly

  276. Susan Pringle says:

    TV, with the Sky ability to pause and rewind as I never get to hear things the first time with my kids!

  277. tracy sinclair says:

    I watch most TV on freeview but sometimes watch catch up tv on my computer x

  278. pauline black says:

    Sky TV !

  279. Lyndsey Jones says:

    I ise TiVO and On Demand a lot, I seem to be watching ‘normal’ telly less and less!

  280. Rachael O'Mara says:

    On my hudl on catch up, Netflix or normal telly

  281. Gwen Biviano says:

    TV with freeview

  282. Gwen Biviano says:

    TV with freeview

  283. I actually use a TV, although this will probably will retro in a few years! i need to catch up with technology

  284. Thomas McKinney says:

    I still watch it through my TV via cable but I am starting to move towards the iPad with catch up

  285. Janet Rumley says:

    A Smart TV and Amazon Prime xx

  286. Natalie Gillham says:

    On my TV’S built in freeview 🙂

  287. Natalie Crossan says:

    Sky telly

  288. Claire Ward says:

    I currently stream through a roku but it’s about had it

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