See another side of the UK with a working holiday

Readers outside the UK will want to get more details on the ins and outs of UK legislation, so do click here for that.

If sitting on a beach isn’t for you, there are lots of other ways to spend your leisure time, and some of may even be educational. But you might want to be careful what you choose as you could find your entire life changing, like friends of mine who downsized, WWOOFed their way around the UK and now live on a croft on a Scottish Island.

Seriously. WWOOFing in this instance isn’t something a dog does. It stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and people do whatever the hosts have need of, from constructing hay bale residences, to planting, animal management and so on. Accommodation and food is usually provided, but that will be pretty much it. What you’re getting out of it isn’t supposed to be financial though, it’s a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself, taking part in other people’s dreams.

Of course, there are other organisations offering holidays around the UK. The National Trust does working holidays – you’ll pay a bit more for your chance to help, but I suspect the accommodation may be better.

As for us, we spend our holidays in a tent at Kentwell Hall, reenacting tudor life. It’s relaxing in some ways (change is as good as a rest) but certainly not a feet up kind of break. Spending your days wrangling children, or working with wool, or cooking for 80 people over an open fire may not be everyone’s idea of a summer break but a surprising number of people do join in from around the world. They too make their own costumes, source authentic looking accessories and travel to Suffolk to take part in a recreation of day to day Tudor life.

Sunset over Kentwell Hall

So, lots of different ways to see the UK that don’t involve any beaches. Hopefully some inspiration to do things differently! Note, if you’re from outside the UK, you’ll want to get more details on the ins and outs of UK legislation, so do click here for that.

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