Perfect moments

When the rain starts 5 minutes after you get back to your tent after a long warm day.

When your 3 year old picks up a diabolo lying on the sward and can almost work it.


When you speak to your other half and say a friend went on a supermarket run so you asked for crisps, and it turns out he did exactly the same with his friend. (We now have 42 packets of crisps. Minus the 3 the children ate immediately. Should see the week out anyway. )

When you lose a shoe lace and mention to another friend that it’s lost, and she turns up 10 minutes later with it in her hand.

When you’re walking back to the tent (before the rain) and someone comes up behind you and offers to help carry your baskets.

When you’re going through the speeches you’ve made 10 times before on a day, and you make a point and a visiting child lights up with understanding.

Kentwell days are full of perfect moments. It’s a place that holds the potential for perfection seemingly much closer to everyday normality than most places do.



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  1. It sounds just perfect. I’m with you on the crisps though. I have to visit Kentwell one day.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      You must. We do have participants from other countries, there are quite a few from the US this year.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Bliss xx

  3. Sounds perfect, still on my ‘to do’ list x

  4. What is that toy on the first picture? Where could I buy it?

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