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lily and bear lisa stubbs
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A few weeks ago, over the course of several days, I received a series of postcards, with images of a girl, and a bear. And after those, the most wonderful book Lily and Bear by Lisa Stubbs, arrived.

It’s a book about childhood, friendship, imagination, and understanding. It’s a book about drawing, and dreaming and playing. About a girl. And a bear.

You see, Lily draws. She draws all sorts of things, shown in a wonderful, free flowing, child like style. Then she draws a bear. And then…. Bear gets up, out of the picture.

I just love this. It reminds me of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, which was one of our absolute favourite TV shows when Big was very little. This is simpler, with a very gentle message and understated message – that friends are accepting of differences. To begin with Bear does the things Lily chooses to do. Tea parties, and tricycles, and playing the banjo. Then after a little while, he wants to do Bear things.

And because Lily loved Bear and Bear loved Lily

they did.

Turns out bear things are pretty fun too.

As well as the story, I love the illustrations. And it inspired us into our drawing niches to have a go. The kids drew bears and hearts.


And I drew Lily and Bear. Turns out my Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastels Set (Pack of 12) are excellent for this kind of picture. I can’t quite get the little girl right though. Smallest doesn’t want me to – she wants me to draw her on the bear.


I cannot recommend this book enough – I have carried it around with me to show to people, enthused about it, copied drawings out of it and read it aloud lots and lots of times. I’m a newly made huge fan of Lisa Stubbs, who does the most wonderful prints and fabric work as well as children’s book illustrations. The book is out in a couple of weeks time, and there are links above to where you can order it.

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