What makes a good PR event?

Today I took the two smaller children into London. I got up at 6, so that I could double check travel arrangements, slightly nervous as I couldn’t find a route without a bus part of the way. We were heading to Surrey Docks Farm to visit the Huggies Pullups bus.

The farm is a community farm, hidden away in a corner of London, improbably existing alongside the river opposite Canary Wharf. It’s got buildings with grass roofs or solar roofs, sheds and huts and cages, herb and vegetables growing in beds here and there, and is an absolute paradise for a 4 year old who adores animals.

Smallest often talks to me about how, when she leaves home, she’s going to have a pet. Sometimes it’s a dog, sometimes a rabbit. Today I think she might have added guinea pig to the list. I had no idea how good she is with animals, it turns out she’s quiet and calm and gentle, cautious but not afraid. I need to work out how we can fit more animals and more outdoors into her life, but not just running around the garden kind of outdoors. Something with more purpose, that follows her interests. She was a pleasure to be with today.

Tigerboy adored the Huggies Pullups bus. It has a little bedroom, with two small bunks. There’s a day time play area, with water play, where I think he would have happily spent the entire day, I ended up carrying him out kicking and screaming. There was a lovely group of other bloggers there, with children mainly around his age, and some babies, and all in all, what with coffee on arrival, play time in the bus, a full tour when we got to handle animals, *and* a lovely lunch in the garden with chance to chat with other adults while the children played, plus travel expenses covered without a murmur, yes, it was pretty much the ideal PR event.


I’ve got some tips on potty training, most usefully on readiness. When we want to give it (another) go, I’ve got some Huggies Pullups and Dry Nites to try out, so I’ll let you know how that goes too. The bus has one more outing this year, to the Manchester Baby and Toddler Show, so if you’re in the area, drop by for a visit. I’ve also got a new bunch of bloggers to chat with on social media and a lovely memory to add to this summer’s bunch.

Pretty good way to spend a day all told.

Yes. Pretty much the ideal PR event, right down to the glorious weather and the little playground we found on our walk back to the tube. (Tigerboy walked the whole way. A mile perhaps? Not fast, but he walked it. And then slept for a large part of the train journey home.)

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