the 101 list – challenge accepted.

Knowing that this list was once again relegated to my drafts folder, today Big issued a challenge, which I accepted. She’s doing something important to me. So I’m setting out on my 101 things. Again. (If you want to check out her take on the list, her post is over here.)

The list so far.

  1. Finish 7 days.
  2. Get published other than on my blog.
  3. Get published or self publish a novel.
  4. Write and sell a technical ebook.
  5. Take a picture of myself every month.
  6. Take family pictures every month. (Far too often neither of us are in pictures.)
  7. learn a new language (sign language would count)
  8. run a 10k in under an hour
  9. learn to draw
  10. get a better camera and learn to use it
  11. do a carboot sale
  12. visit America (top of the list New Orleans, Nashville or Rocky Mountains
  13. keep a gratitude journal
  14. write a wordpress plugin
  15. go to a fantasy convention
  16. Make myself new tudor costume, including a handmade felt hat.
  17. spend an afternoon writing in a cafe a la JK Rowling
  18. design a crochet pattern
  19. Work our way through the Power House kit
  20. learn a constellation
  21. go on a foraging walk
  22. have a spa day (or weekend. Weekend would be nice).
  23. go on a writing retreat
  24. go to a music/literary festival
  25. learn an instrument
  26. plant fruit trees in the garden
  27. read a Jane Austen book
  28. raise or donate £100 to charity
  29. keep a scrapbook of my 101 list.
  30. do a book review podcast
  31. wreck this journal
  32. meet Amadou? (this is my sponsored child. If not him, I’d like to visit a child sponsorship project.
  33. handmade Christmas
  34. Boat holiday – cruise or narrowboat
  35. perform random acts of Kindness every month
  36. fly a kite
  37. wild camping
  38. complete nanowrimo
  39. automate 4 o clock photo (pref using Raspberry Pi)
  40. send 50 postcards
  41. climb a mountain
  42. eat something new
  43. take a dance class
  44. complete read52
  45. complete 300 picture books
  46. grow a new blog header
  47. design a blog theme
  48. paint a picture
  49. create a blog badge for this challenge
  50. conquer phone fear
  51. have a month of mindfulness
  52. write an app
  53. go on a sleeper train
  54. fold 1000 cranes
  55. try WI
  56. go to a knit and natter at local craft shop

And that will have to do for now. Netbook crashed twice while I was trying to write this post, so I didn’t get to finish it. I’m wracking my brains for items I want to add to the list – I think I need a few quick wins to be honest, there’s a lot of stuff on there that’s rather time consuming. I think I might keep ten personal items private, but that still leaves 42 slots free.

I’m starting tomorrow, whether I finish the list or not. If you’ve any suggestions for me, stick them in the comments or ping me on twitter.

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  1. I just found my last 101 in 1001 list, and here are the categories I had: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Cleaning; Organise Me; Self Improvement; Photos; Education; Children; Travel; Entertainment

    Looking back on my list is interesting, so many things unachieved, so many more irrelevant. It was interesting to see ‘ask GP about adult ASD’ on one updated list, I think that was from almost 4yrs ago. I still haven’t written a will, or taken the children to a pantomime, or organised my photos, or decluttered the house, or learnt to sew, or written a blog theme, or passed a driving test, or… 😉

  2. Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice says:

    Really like this idea. Not sure I could put together a list of 101. How will you track your progress?

  3. I used to have one of these but I deleted it! It was pretty pants anyway to be honest so im going to do another. Is this in 1001 days? Mine was. If so you have quite a challenge! Love the idea of keeping a scrap book about it all too that’s great!

  4. I am so not looking up my old list–I do remember I did a huge chunk of them though. I think picking very specific items would be best. Such as ‘write a new crochet Christmas decoration pattern’ instead of just a ‘new crochet pattern’. I believe Hannah did it that way and I found her list seemed far more specific, which would probably work better for me.

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