The shape of a day

Has shifted here. Again.

Big getting up early for her paper round seems to be bringing the whole day forward. Small children wake up as she comes back, breakfast is happening sooner.

After breakfast I am available for subject assistance and general educational enquiries. I’m trying to do something arty/crafty or otherwise hands on with the little ones at that point. There’s a bit of skirmishing over the desktop computer – it’s where Small wants to be coding but also where Smallest has reading eggs. (5 week free trial. Get stuck in.)

Afternoons are looser. Today I spent quite some time outside with a pile of wet felt.


It will be a hat. It will be a very thin and uneven hat, but it will be a hat.

The smaller children came and ran around in the garden while I felted, although there was a traumatic incident with a worm and Tigerboy’s bare foot. He was then convinced everything he stood on in the slightly damp lawn was another worm. Much screaming. Not helped when one of the things stuck firmly, turning out to be a small piece of sellotape.

Heard back from the dvla to say stop calling us, we’ll get back to you sometime in the next 8 weeks. That could well take the not driving up to almost 6 months. Not much fun. But what can you do?

And then Big made dinner, with a small amount of assistance. It was good. Salad with flowers. Sod eggs. (Thank you kentwell kitchen. ) I could get used to this.

One episode of NCIS and she’s off to bed, while I settled down to do some writing but my netbook went into what I hope isn’t terminal spasm. They’re not very sturdy, netbooks, are they? I don’t think I’ll indulge again. Proper laptop or a hybrid tablet with keyboard I think.

Anyway. Bedtime. As the morning will come earlier than I like. And tomorrow is a running day and a swimming evening.

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  1. I’m impressed that your kids have the self-discipline to work on their own in the mornings. One thing I would worry about is that we would waste vast amounts of time procrastinating as we did over the summer holidays. I guess it takes a certain character to home school (or be home schooled) or a lot of will-power. I found this post very interesting as I often wonder how you organise your day when there is no set timetable.

  2. mmmmm sod eggs 🙂

  3. I look forward to seeing the recipe
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