I have no picture

To show you my son. Stood with his friends, performing a song to a packed room and taking the laughter in good part. To show him stood again some moments later, singing with gusto as they took part in an unexpected sing off. Unplanned, unrehearsed, yet hamming it up, great grin upon his face.

To show you the same boy who walked quiet and apart scant years ago, who would not have thought to join, or to smile, or to perform.

Can I show you my smile, my disbelief, my laughter, joy and yes, tears? I did cry. Pride and happiness intermingled as my friends gathered about, similarly emotional to congratulate me on his performance.

What did he win?

Just marchpane. He did not even seem to understand why I was so impressed.

This weekend he has taken the unknown in his stride, made friends, stayed out till curfew with a group, played and joked and enjoyed himself.

I think without a picture of all of his years you might think I am making much of little. And that is fair enough. All I can say to you is that I did not expect this tonight. Could not have expected this.

And I do wish I had a picture.

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  1. Lovely to read such good news, and if it were my son I would be delighted too x
    Looking for Blue Sky recently posted…Reasons to be Cheerful about AspergersMy Profile

  2. Aww that’s fab. And those words painted a wonderful picture x

  3. No picture required – I can see it frm your words and all the photos that have gone before over the years! What a precious moment!
    PS I love how, when you’re posting from Kentwell, your language changes and takes a step back in time somehow.

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