To 1578 again, with a side trip to meet Xeno

So I’m now sitting in a tent at kentwell hall with two sleeping children. It’s been a long day. I was up before 7 trying to finish packing the car (I failed) so that Tim and Big just needed to drive over here.

Then I took the younger ones to London zoo to meet Xeno, a baby monster.


He was really popular. He’s an interactive toy, with an app and a website (don’t know if I’ve got that link right), you can look after him, stroke him and tickle him and he laughs and cries. Oh, and he plays games and chews on your finger. See him on Amazon: Xeno Ultra Violet Electronic Toy

The younger two were absolutely enraptured. Smallest has sobbed herself to sleep tonight because she doesn’t have one. She has told everyone she’s met about them, including the taxi driver who brought us to kentwell.

Small thought it was OK. He was more there for the zoo, which to be honest we found disappointing. Crowds everywhere, small enclosures and mainly sleeping animals. The layout is hugely confusing, we got turned around on ourselves several times. And it all felt quite sad. No matter how you disguise the glass and wire with riven grass, these are animals in small cages.

It reminded me of that bit from the Harry Potter book with the snake. Especially as there were lots of people ignoring signs that said don’t bang on glass and no flash photography.

We left early. And next, 1578.

Disclosure: we were invited to the event to meet Xeno, received some expenses and free entry to the zoo.

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  1. I only vaguely took notice of this post at the time, but now my 7yo has seen Xeno somewhere and fallen in love so nice to read a real review. Out of our price range but it does look cute!

    • Smallest is *still* hankering after one! I’m not sure cute would be the first word I’d think of, but it kind of grows on you.

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