Saturday snippets 16 August 2014

{reading} Further adventures of Milly Molly Mandy. Third book in the series, courtesy of local secondhand book store. While I was there, I discovered a copy of Milly Molly Mandy and Billy Blunt, but I’m not sure whether that’s different stories, or just the ones with Billy Blunt in.

{watching} Overboard. Unusually, this romantic comedy was Tim’s choice for family film night, and it went down well with the whole family, except Tigerboy who isn’t really interested unless there are trains.

{thinking} about my 101 things. I still haven’t managed to come up with even 50. I feel rather pathetic. I decided the only way it was going to work was if I started anyway, so I started yesterday, with try a new food. (Physalis. Not sure. Thank you.) I haven’t quite decided if I want to blog the whole thing, I think I’ll probably mention it from time to time, but not make too much of a big thing of it.

{cleaning} a box full of leather shoes. Which took a surprisingly long time. They were coated with Kentwell mud, with straw and gravel embedded. Two pairs are down at the cobblers for repairing – it turns out that the local cobbler *does* know how to do this, but his dad, who minds the shop when he’s out, doesn’t. And somehow, every time I’ve gone down I’ve encountered dad. Ah well.

{eating} corn on the cob. I do like corn on the cob. So does the rest of the family, so it made for a good meal. (There were home made burgers for main course too. And even though there’s brownie, I was too full for pudding!)

{educating} Smallest. She’s loving her school in a book – she brought it to me today. So I ignored the whole weekend bit and explained how the different colours on the pages are different types of learning, and she chose green, which is history and geography. We read about what the earth looks like from out in space, and talked about continents and oceans, and then she traced a map from the book to put in her learning journal. Later on in the day I went out and bought her a scrapbook, which we’re going to fill with things as she does them, and souvenirs of places we visit and so on. (I bought myself a scrapbook as well. For my 101 things. Wonder if I could dry a physalis leaf.)

tracing continents

Big has started her 101 days challenge – you can read about it on her blog. Small has mainly done very little this week, but did come for a fitting for his page’s outfit, which I need to darn. Smallest, as noted above, is very focussed on her education just now, and Tigerboy is very focussed on speech. Although he’s also working on sandwiches – he likes to make his own.

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  1. i loved this snippets, as it was pretty much a full home ed blog 🙂 . smallests home ed scrapbook sounds like a lovely thing to do. 50 things still sounds like a lot! also love corn on the cob, and yes kentwell shoes are a complete pain to clean!

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