Saturday snippets 9 August 2014

{watching} Jack Black in Gulliver’s Travels (Amazon). Turned out to be a really good #familyfilmnight choice, even though I’m not the biggest Jack Black fan in the world. Great ensemble cast though, with that guy from How I met your mother, as well as Billy Connolly, Emily Blunt and Catherine Tate. Story is somewhat truncated and the whole point of the satire is kind of wiped out, but you do get a quick rendition of War which might provoke a bit of discussion.

{reading} More of Milly-Molly-Mandy. It’s wonderful stuff. In tonight’s chapter Mother gets to go on holiday for two weeks, and the rest of the family come up with a series of plans for surprises. I can’t tell you about them, because you know what happens when you talk about secrets 🙂 If you’re looking for an early chapter book for bedtime stories, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

{planning} our next and my final Kentwell trip of the year.

Post to be finished tomorrow.

sun through clouds

Big went to London to meet with Kentwell friends (there were parents within text reach 😉 ) and spent the day doing museums. Small finished year 9 maths, and is now finally having his summer holiday! Smallest beat Small comprehensively at wii resorts frisbee golf (no, I don’t know either) and Tigerboy is now communicating his wants by initiating conversation, sometimes mixed with signs, but often using spoken word. So far the most we’ve had strung together is two, but I think there’s more to come. (On Sunday when I’m updating this post, he said “sore…..bottom” which is the first time I’ve heard him apply an adjective correctly.

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  1. Love milly milly Mandy. Not read it in years x

  2. We watched Gullivers Travels today 🙂 I wouldn’t describe it as a great film, but it made me smile (after the cringey bits near the beginning) and I thought the special effects were very wel done.

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