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We’re halfway through the summer holidays here in England now, and I’m willing to bet a few parents are starting to feel the budget pressures mounting up, and the inspiration running out.

Nectar has some suggestions to help your money go that little bit further and stave off the boredom, starting with this video.

Their summer draws are still in full swing though, and you can find out more at the website where for the next couple of days you can double or even triple up the value of your Nectar points on Double up and more vouchers for fun days out. And as well as the tokens, you can get hints and tips on activities, from days out to fun in the garden, and take part in the prize draw which runs until 30th September by sharing your own version of the #summerpicks on the site, or even coming up with your own suggestion.

We’ve been doing a lot of low price activities this summer, not least due to the fact that I’m *still* not driving. (Public transport is kind of expensive isn’t it? And not very often all that flexible. And don’t tell me the journey is half of the fun, it really isn’t with lots of small children.) So instead we’ve had trips to the beach. Blown bubbles in the garden. Played lots of games with boxes. This one is doing double duty as a time machine, a la Calvin and Hobbes – it’s been all through history. In our back garden. (It’s a time machine, they don’t move you know.)

time machine

There are a few activities on the site that I can see the kids really enjoying. Balloon ping pong would probably go down pretty well – if I can find any paper plates. That’s a great activity for out in the garden, but there’s a few for indoors as well. I foresee handprints (probably with glitter paint) in our very near future. Do any take your fancy? Or perhaps you’ve something novel to add. Good luck!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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