Saturday snippets 2 August 2014

{reading} Mindful living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Written by a guy diagnosed as an adult, who has lots of experience with mindfulness techniques. I can hear him choosing his words carefully though, so as not to offend, but also wanting to get his points across. I tried out the first set of techniques, but the sun was too warm, and I fell asleep instead 😉

{watching} Jackie Chan’s the Medallion. Rather enjoyed this. Very Sammo Hung though, rather than the more usual Jackie Chan fight scenes. Looked like a lot of the leaps were assisted. All the children (who were awake) enjoyed it, so a good #familyfilmnight choice.

{eating} freezer food, because I’m trying to empty it so that we can defrost it. I hadn’t realised quite how many batches of bolognese I’d frozen!

{enjoying} all the new words. Tigerboy is piling them on. He’s now got good versions of all of our names. He added ‘me’ today (although it’s more often ‘meeeee’) and also ‘sorry’ which was almost unbearably cute. I wish I had written more about how Smallest learnt to speak, although I think that she just did it and it wasn’t such a process and we took it for granted rather. (Note to self, write down the memories. That is what this place is for.)

{feeling} rather sad, a succession of events haven’t gone my way this week, some under my control, some not, and it rather overwhelmed me last night. So today I have soaked up sun, and read my book, and been kind to myself, and I’m beginning to realise that actually, that’s a really important thing to do.

Smallest reading her first book

Big has started preparing for her English GCSE and has cracked simultaneous linear equations. She is particularly pleased that she cracked them quicker than Small did, but he has now got them sorted now too. It’s been a pretty intense week 🙂 Tonight Smallest picked up a Songbirds phonics book and with only a little assistance (g and p are interchangeable it would appear, and she’s not sure about u yet) she read it. She spends time on Reading Eggs most days, and loves alphablocks, and of course there’s a lot of reading going on around her, but I didn’t realise she’d reached full decoding and blending all of her own. And of course Tigerboy has words stacking on day by day.

Looked at that way, it’s been a really good week. I think that’s what I’ll take away from it.

Now, a linky.

This post isn’t done for hits, or stats, or inlinks. It’s done so that at least once a week I make an effort to write about our days, in a way that once upon a time I did every day. And if you want to do that, and want to share it, I’m very happy to have you join in. That’s it. No rules. Doesn’t have to be Saturday, doesn’t need to follow my chosen prompts (which vary quite frankly, depending on what springs to mind). Although people spamming the linky with completely unrelated commercially based posts (yes, it’s happened) will find their posts removed.

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  1. We had Harry’s (4) speech assessment recently and he has interchangeable sounds too, inconsistently as well which, apparently, is fairly unusual. Also with you on the using up freezer food; our freezer desperately needs defrosting and for something we didn’t think we used that much during the summer months, it’s got an awful lot of food in!

    • Jax Blunt says:

      We have been through speech issues before – Small was non verbal and then had a lot of interesting quirks that lasted probably until he was around 7.

      Freezer wise we only have a small one – it’s the bottom of a fridge freezer and really isn’t adequate for a family of 6. But this whole house is a bit cramped, so we manage.

  2. Have you heard of Penelope Trunk? She’s an Aspie Adult Blogger Startup Entrepreneur Parent Homeschooler and has a huge following maybe just because she doesn’t (seem to) choose her words carefully. Or maybe she does – to provoke and keep interest. I think she often crosses lines wrt her family; her ex husband commented when her lawyer had advised her, nay told her, not to blog the marital difficulties and subsequent divorce, something along the lines that she hadn’t heeded her own advice to follow advice. Her aspergers is a huge part of who she is on her blog.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Yes, I’ve come across her. Not liked what I’ve read, but maybe I’ll take another look.

      • Oh don’t bother if you’ve come across her (I don’t warm to her at all) – I was reminded of her as felt she is in direct contrast to your author “an adult, who has lots of experience with mindfulness techniques. I can hear him choosing his words carefully though, so as not to offend,”.

  3. Oh I am so glad I am not the only one with a freezer full of spaghetti bolognese! Its lovely watching them learn, I wish I had kept more records of my son growing up

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