Lost my name book review – as seen on Dragon’s Den

A while back (quite a long while back) I was approached by Lost My Name book to do a review of their system. I confess I thought yeah, yeah, and didn’t get a round tuit.

(Note, keep going to the end of the review. There’s a link to a giveaway of a lostmy.name book. Or look in the sidebar under current giveaways ———>)

They persevered, and I’m really glad they did.

I’ve seen personalised books before, and not been overly impressed. This is completely different. The quality of the book, the printing and even the paper it’s printed on is really excellent. I think it’s easy to see Tigerboy’s reaction to it πŸ˜‰


The version we got was a good hefty book. There is a minimum length – so if your child has a very short name, they’ll get some extra story pages. You can try all of it out online at the Lost My Name website, where you get to see the story, and how it works. That won’t give the feeling of the really luxurious paper, or an idea of the finish, but at least you get to see the imagery.

You don’t *have* to preview the book online before you buy – the process is very quick and easy. There is a 5% discount for a second book, and the pricing incorporates postage (so differs according to your country). You get a predicted date of delivery – my book arrived bang on time. It does take a little while to prepare and print, so don’t think of this as a night before a birthday emergency present πŸ˜‰

Personally, I was interested in the coding challenge behind the book. You aren’t restricted to a name list, so the book is build on the fly from a cast of characters. There are rules on duplicates and so on – explained well in this review on Child Led Chaos from Anne-Marie (who also points out that you can have a – without it counting as one of your letters). Names can be up to 12 letters, which should cover the vast majority of children I’d have thought. You can’t have spaces though, so it is first names only.

All in all, I can quite see why Lost My Name book was a big hit on Dragon’s Den. Congrats to the team on the record investment – I hope you go from strength to strength.

Along with the book for review, I received 3 15% discount codes. I’ll be giving them away to people who comment on this post within the next week, so by 11.59 pm Wed 6th of August. Commenters will be chosen at random using a plugin.

I’m currently hosting a giveaway for a lostmy.name book over here

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  1. Oh this looks right up our street, Baba loves personalised books and it is something Boo doesn’t yet have would love similar ones for both of them so would love to get the discount! xx

  2. These would make lovely presents for any children who have unusual names. I have nieces with names that have unconventional spellings so it’s difficult to find them personalised presents.

  3. No doubt it’s a great idea and very easy to use. You can use a surname by putting in a hyphen “-“.

    There will be competition as the price is high, but the idea is great.

  4. Definitely ordering these. Talked my husband into getting this for two our nieces, one great niece and our god daughter πŸ™‚ Hopefully they will make decent Christmas presents.

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