After the silence

the words.

At the weekend I said that I thought Tigerboy was heading for a developmental leap. Today he took it.

This morning it was the usual signing, pointing and grunting to decipher the breakfast requirements. He’s happy with it, mostly, although we have been having a few tantrums recently. Maybe the frustration has built up enough to push through whatever was stopping him trying?

Because later today, they were playing Reading Eggs. He’s been making sounds to go with these games for a while – he can read letters on the letter jigsaws, he points out letters all sorts of places. So he was Rrrrring along with the lion. And Small started playing along with them (he really is ever so good with them).

Next I had Small come running in to tell me that Tigerboy was talking. Repeating words. And he was. Car. Floor. Door. Window, truck. Adding with the up, down, in, out we already had. And the words kept piling on. He was so pleased with himself, and Small was pretty thrilled too.

They went outside to hang the washing out. And started a new game. This one involved Tigerboy shouting “come here!” and Small coming, then “go there” and he went. It took a very long time to hang the washing out, but it was worth every minute.

So, from near silence to sentences in a day. I said I was going to write a post that listed the words he had – I’ve lost count today. Wheel was another good one. And he’s got names. I’ve moved from Mom to Mummy. Tim is now a fully vocalised Daddy. Big is the only one he hasn’t cracked, but her’s is a three syllable name. Oh, and there was cat. Each word is performed, a bit like when Small writes, each letter is drawn individually. I think there’s a desire for precision there – perhaps an anxiety that holds them back a little? A perfectionism?

I’m guessing communication group may be a little redundant now, but we’ll see how we’re going in September. He doesn’t do the joining in that they’re working on as well, or the moving from activity to activity – but he doesn’t really need to, as he won’t be going to nursery or school, so won’t be being processed and time limited in that way. He can focus on a task, and often does, for much longer than the 15 minutes allotted to each part of the group, and I think being moved on is actually quite a problem for him. It takes him a little while to warm up to what is going on, and just as he’s getting into it, it gets whipped away. Not surprising that he’d rather just explore the room and the toys. I don’t really worry about the social side of it either, I’ve seen him with lots of children of various ages, and he manages just fine.

What he’s going to do when Small stops coming here when commanded will be another interesting experience. It has been wonderful watching them together today. Brothers.


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  1. That’s a huge leap – I bet the pride is written all over his face. I love this stage – it’s like someone has flipped a switch and words come tumbling. We’ve had a similar experience today – PK standing in the middle of the room repeating everything we say.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Oh, it absolutely is. He is so thrilled with himself, and with the reaction he’s getting. I might sneak the video camera out tomorrow and see if I can record some of it 🙂

  2. Morning Jax. I just had a huge smile reading all this. Way to go Tigerboy!!!

  3. Oh Jax that’s amazing – what a big day for Tigerboy. And for a proud Mumma! 😀

  4. What a day you’ve had! This post just filled me with such warmth. So excited for you all.

  5. Aw Jax, this is such a lovely post ??

  6. This is so wonderful. My baby has started talking and it’s a really interesting reflection of her personality to see which words she has chosen to make her first: nice, more and no! Hmmm, she’s appreciative, greedy and obstinate? These are times to be cherished.

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