Our summer with Playmobil, pirates and London ahoy!

Followers of my various social media streams will have noticed an increase in Playmobil activity over the last couple of weeks. As part of the playologist program, we had a fabulous delivery of a 5135 Large Pirate Ship along with Jungle Animals and Off-Road Vehicle.

As you can imagine, these are really rather popular 🙂

There was also a trip to London, for the opening of the Playmobil suite at the Waldorf Hilton. This was a fabulous party, in a room full of families and playmobil. I was leant a Panasonic V550 HD video camera to do a spot of videoing.

I’ve got to commend the camera. I’m a video newbie, but look how clear and stable that video is! There’s even a little tilt indicator on the screen, so you can tell when you’re shooting people sideways. Which does happen when there are small children and moving toys 😉

It was small child heaven that day. And big child for that matter. I’m not quite sure how many children there were there, but I think pretty much all of them had a go with the remote control police car which had a camera in it, transmitting to the remote. How cool? (I think it was this one, listed on Amazon at £60+. Playmobil City Action 5528 RC Police Car with Camera It says upper age 12. Hah.)

So, anyway, you can book yourself a stay in the playmobil suite, it’s available until August 20th, information here. Do let me know if you visit!

And so to the toys. As I said, we were sent two main sets, a pirate ship, and a jungle playset. They have obviously been combined together so that the pirates can visit a jungle island… 😉

The Pirate ship is fantastic. It took Small and me about 2 hours to assemble correctly – I suspect we’d have been a lot quicker if I hadn’t been taking pictures, and there hadn’t been smaller assistants. It’s really quite splendid, with an anchor with cable that can be wound up, a winch platform for lifting things on to the ship, and a lift out platform that lets you access the cabin (which has a bed and a table and chairs built in). The whole thing is designed to float, having a polystyrene inner underneath the decking (which is screwed on, rather than just clipped).

The only thing I find a little peculiar about this set, given the attention to detail in supplying accessories even down to a ladle, is that there’s no treasure. There’s a chest, but there are no coins. Also, the map is shown on the box as having a picture on it, but there isn’t one on ours. Not a big deal, but caused a certain level of stress in my detail loving children 😉

Obviously the pieces in this set are *very* small. It’s not recommended for children under 3, and Tigerboy only plays with it under close supervision. Having said that, he absolutely adores it. Particularly the winch. And the pirates themselves. Oh, and the cannon, which shoot cannon ball darts. (Careful with these. The trigger is underneath, and when you find it, it fires rapidly and travels quite a long way. Apologies again to the small child I nearly shot at the playmobil event while trying to figure it out.)

But the play value is immense, and I think it’s been played with every day that we’ve been here since it was constructed. It’s standing up remarkably well to being sat on, dismantled, and fought over, and all in all, it definitely get the seal of approval here.

pirate in the rigging

Disclosure: the playmobil sets were provided free for review, I was leant the camera (but had to give it back!) and Amazon links are affiliate links.

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  1. I love Playmobil, these look fab x

  2. Playmobil is a winner! Love it!


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