Pieces of the past

Today I worked through another box of stuff that has been for no apparent reason, stood in the middle of the living room.

I found lots of old stuff in it.

There were these things.
calendar and diary

That’s a calendar of pics taken at the second cybermummy. I’m in the dinosaur bloggers pic 😉 the diary below it starts in ’96, and comes to a rather abrupt halt in March ’98. Reading it was enlightening, it definitely feels as though it’s written for an audience, but I don’t really know who. I am considering stealing some of it for fiction – seems too good to waste to be honest. I’ve kept diaries on and off all my life – I suspect the biggest gap was actually between the end of that one, and the start of the blog.

And then there was this.
jcp badge

It’s my java certified programmer badge. I was very proud of that badge. And getting it got me a job. Which was quite useful, really.

So there you go. That was my day in pictures – wandering through pieces of my past. I’ve kept the badge. And the diary. And the calendar. (And also a sketch book with pictures that aren’t good enough to share, but are good enough to remind me that maybe I could learn to draw if I tried. Wonder what I did with that youtube series of lessons…)

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