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It has been a very long time since I’ve shared a Read 52 update. For that I apologise. I have been reading, but I haven’t been keeping my reviews up to date. Oops. (Let’s not even go near the languishing 300 Picture book list Sad smile )

So, where were we? I last updated my list a very long time ago. Which means I now need to try to remember what else I’ve read since! Aargh.

Let’s see, there was a whole pile of Rainbow Rowell books. Landline. Eleanor and Park. Fangirl. I’ll probably do them a review post of their own.

The girl with all the gifts was a netgalley read. Great book. Couple of continuity errors that irritated, but still excellent overall. (What? I’m precise, OK?) full review forthcoming.

Station 11. Loved that. Proper review to follow.

Something or other about Getting Sh*t done. Didn’t like it. Describing people who don’t process in the standard way as flakes got my back up. Doubt very much I’ll review it any further

All the colours of the sunset – a kingdom of silk book. These are excellent. Someone a while back was asking about fostering/ adoption books – these should be top of the list.

7 titles. Not sure that’s everything to be honest. Will have to check the kindle, and scour the bedroom heap. However, I think that does put me very nearly on track. Am currently reading Unravel, having rapidly reread the second half of Linked.

Ah, a Song for Issy Bradley. (Which appears to be in the same post as a Landline review. Oops. Still, means one less from those above.) so that makes 29 altogether this year I think.

So, if you’ve been doing any better than I have, and you have actual book reviews to link up, here’s the linky. You can grab the badge from the page 🙂

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  1. I don’t have any actual book reviews either, but have linked up. I also haven’t posted a #300PBs linky for weeks. Oops. Time of the year?! 😉

  2. Just linked up with my book linky as it had a couple of recommendations in there, hope that’s ok.

    I’ve been reading lots this year, last count was 110 on good reads, my target for this year was 150 so I’m doing well. let’s just say I don’t sleep much 🙂

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