Clara Vulliamy I Heart Holidays blog tour.

We are big fans of Martha and the bunny brothers in this house, and very happy today to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for the new I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)(amazon link) book.

We got our very own postcard from Martha 🙂

postcard from martha I heart holidays

CV blog bannerisn’t that just brilliant?

I am quite envious of Martha in this book actually. They’re going on holiday, and they get to do it in a camper van. I know we live at the beach, and we get to visit regularly, but a Camper van! Come on, admit it, pretty much everybody wants one, right?

We’d love one. It would have to be a bit bigger than Martha’s – there are six of us. Which is why our holidays tend to involve tents, and several car journeys to and from, loading them up. At the very least a trailer would be a good investment I suppose. And a car with the right number of seats.


i heart holidays martha and the bunny brothersThe kids love the book. It’s got the familiar feel of the other Martha books, with the grid layout pages of different choices of each bunny, a bit where she lists her very favourite things, and lots of excellent repetition. The only thing it’s missing is a song really – I do think that was the crowning glory of I heart bedtime.

I’m really fond of the bunnies – they feel like old friends now, not that surprising given how much time we spend with them. I’d really recommend getting to know them if you haven’t already. Every house (with children) should have bunnies, and don’t let not having children put you off either.

See yesterday’s postcard with Child Led Chaos and the final one with the Mini bookworms.

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