Butterfly wings and Kindle Fire HDX

Every night at tea time we go around the table, asking how everyone’s day has been. Most evenings Smallest says it’s a secret and we move on to Small.

Tonight she told us that Prince Charming made her butterfly wings that she wore through London until they blew away on the train station and that made her sad.


She told us that Snow White painted her nails with sparkly colours.


She talked about the balls and the slide


And how we ate strawberries on the train.


She remembered playing mathematical games on the Kurio on the way home.


So all in all, I think our day in London for the #AmazonSummer event learning about Amazon prime instant video and the Kindle Fire HDX was a roaring success from her point of view.

She enjoyed the episode of Annedroids that we saw (available on Amazon prime instant video from July 25th.) And I’m very happy exploring the FreeTime parental controls and stacking new titles on my new Kindle tablet. More to come on that when I’ve had chance to get to grips with it.

Apart from the slightly traumatic balloon incident, it was a good day.

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