Saturday Snippets 5 July 2014

{feeling glad} to be back home. And also that I caught up on the washing before the rains set in.

{missing} Kentwell nevertheless. And making plans for our next visit.

{watching} NCIS. The episode where Tony diNozzo senior drops by. Very odd ending. Very odd episode. But enjoyable. (No family film night tonight, due to me having an appt, and Big having a gala.)

{eating} take out pizza because I couldn’t wrap my head round cooking. Every time we do this I regret it – no one enjoys it as much as home made and it costs so much! (Not that we do it so often, which is why I forget in between times.) Gah. Must restock freezer so as to avoid this sort of occurrence.

{reading} Very slowly, Fangirl(kindle affiliate link). Not because it isn’t good, it very much is. I’m really enjoying it, and all the interwoven excerpts. But I haven’t had a lot of time to read recently, since we got back I’ve been busy trying to do things, and actually chipping away at the 7 todo lists I wrote. I’m quite proud of myself. I finished one whole list in fact (it was a shopping list, but it totally still counts 😉 )

{rebalancing} myself. More on that in future posts.

sprint medals 2014

Big came back from her sprint gala with three medals – 1 silver, 2 bronze – and a huge grin on her face. I’m so proud of her, and more than a little bit sad that I was elsewhere and didn’t see. Small survived Kentwell so well that he’s actually contemplating doing a mini, and asking after being a page. Smallest spent this evening reading a counting book and is now counting up to 20 quite efficiently, and Tigerboy had his first speech therapy assessment, where it was confirmed that he’s very bright, with a wide receptive vocabulary. The speech therapist suggested that we expand on his signing, and maybe do some more work with letters alongside Smallest so that he can build up words by learning the individual sounds. And why not.

If you’ve snippets to share, I’d love to see them.

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  1. I didn’t call my post today snippets but it is essentially snippets from the week. Thanks for this – I so glad to be able to link up for once. Have another good week. xxx

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