Craft kits and washing and a tent in the garden

Yet another item out of the marvellous Baker Ross review box to start the day – Pirate boats.


He’s following the instructions beautifully isn’t he? Although truth be told, the real hit from this box has been the toilet putty. No, I don’t know why either.


Then the rest of the day evaporated in a heap of todo lists. When you have so many lists you need a list to keep track of them, it’s just not a good sign. However, I definitely made headway, and all the bedding is now washed. Tomorrow’s main job is cleaning out the tent (currently airing in the garden) and sorting out the bedroom attachments. Most of the elastic seems to have perished over the last four years, not sure whether that’s standard.


We also started on our wonderful playmobil box, check out my instagram for a sneak peek.

And then the day ended with a two hour committee meeting. Such joy. Tomorrow is the speech therapist assessment. Must find letter. Goodnight.

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  1. Tiger Boy looks do studious in his high chair. Made me smile. xx

  2. Tiger boy has grown .
    And Baker ross do marvellous craft stuff.

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