Saturday snippets 7 June 2014

{Wondering} where the year is going. Getting close to the longest day and then the nights start drawing in.

{Enjoying} warm afternoon after pouring rain this morning.

{Shopping} with Tim. Which is an odd experience, we’ve not done it this way for years. Needs must though.

{Sewing} first time I’ve been able to sew through the headache. Bodies nearly there. I might manage the extra shifts after all. Frilled partlet may be a lost cause though, given there are aprons to hem.

{Watching} Get Smart. Sadly we had a few problems with the sound while watching, which put Small off, but the rest of us pretty much enjoyed this one. Not quite as slapstick as Johnny English, the main character is almost completely deadpan. All the secret agent cliches you’d expect, but a good supporting cast, especially the Chief, who’s definitely still got it. A good choice for #familyfilmnight from Big.

{Eating} Jacket potatoes, all the trimmings 🙂 Easy food that cooks itself while we’re watching the film.

bubbles pop
Big is breaking back into blogging. Small is breaking back into maths 😉 Smallest so nearly read me a phonics book this week and Tigerboy? He’s enjoying bubbles.

If you’d like to join up, I’d love to have you.

I’m especially impressed that AIHS had their post up and ready to link well before I got my own post up, check it out over here

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  1. Gold star for me! Yey! Thanks Jax – I just really like the format and it gives me a moment to stop and think about some of the things I have been doing as well for a change.

    I think I haven’t quite got it right – kind of snippets from my week but next week I will just do Saturday:)

    I’m really glad that the headache seems to be passing for you- you have had such a tough week. Fingers crossed the tea in the shade helps today.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Mine vary tbh, sometimes I include bits from the week in the snippets, but the snapshots are always from the whole week. It’s however it works for you, no hard and fast rules 🙂

  2. lovely photo, can’t beat a yummy jacket potato with plenty of toppings

  3. I have been wondering where the year is going too! It has flown by so far. Hope the headache improves for you.

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