Every man is born as many men, and dies as a single one.

No, I’m not sure what it means either, but I liked it.

It was at the end of tonight’s episode of NCIS – Seasons 1-8 Box Set [DVD](affiliate). We’re on season 7, I think, so still a fair bit of catching up to go. It was somewhere around here though that I stopped watching a few years ago – just too tired most evenings for TV. Now that I’ve finally got to the point where smallest children can be put to bed and left to it, I’m getting to start up watching TV again.

And picking up philosophy in cop shows.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking this week. But it’s mainly been morbid stuff, so I won’t go on about it. Today is the first day I’ve felt anywhere like myself again, I’ve just been so very tired. It’s also the first day I haven’t had a headache all day, and the first day I haven’t had a nap. I am off in a minute though, and I’m making sure that Tigerboy’s singing Snowman is nowhere near his cot – I nearly went through the ceiling when he set it off in the middle of the night last night. Nobody needs to wake up to Aled Jones in their ear in the middle of the night.

So, today. I printed out some twinkl resources – alphabet flash cards from the home education resources pack. This is a huge resource that I haven’t worked my way through even slightly yet, but looks like it’s got some great ideas in. It did occur to me the other day that Smallest is actually the first child we’ve had who hasn’t had any formal external education, and I nearly wobbled for a minute over the whole learning to read thing – and then I remembered that I was the teacher in the room at Montessori when Small learned to read 😉

Would be easier with a fully functional children’s house of course, but I don’t think we’ve quite got room to have *every* montessori resource. I have a plan for how I’m going to fit some things in (yes, Anne Marie!) but it’s going to have to wait until AK. That’s after Kentwell to you non reenactors out there.

Because before Kentwell I’ve somehow got to get everything ready. There are stacks of fabric around the house for making all those extra bits that come in useful – big aprons for potters boy and man, extra aprons for me, and I wanted a waistcoat.

I’m not going to get a waistcoat.

I really really wanted to make Tim a second pair of hose, because after a week on the pottery he’s going to be beyond grubby.

We’ll see.

But for now, for tonight, I’m just grateful that I’m coming out of the haze that I’ve been in all week, and even if that means I’m now at the bottom of what seems an insurmountable heap, hey, that’s nothing new, right?

Just keep sewing.

Disclosure – I have been given access to twinkl for purposes of review.

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  1. I love that saying (and the show). I took it to mean that we are born with the potential to be anyone we choose but we die as the person we’ve become….. Deep stuff! Glad you are feeling a bit better x

  2. what a good saying, I love that show too x

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