Saturday Snippets 31 May 2014

{Reading} lots. Eleanor and Park, the Girl with all the gifts both finished, and I’m a third of the way through Queen of the Tearling.

{Watching} Spy Kids 4 for #familyfilmnight. Don’t. It doesn’t even have a cameo appearance from Antonio Banderas to redeem it. And as for the fight scene while in labour? Good grief. What goes through someone’s mind to write that? Can only assume it was someone who has never seen a woman in labour. I may rant about this in more detail later.

{Running} second run this week. 1.2 miles in 11 35. Yesterday did around 2 miles in 23 46?

{Shopping} with Tim, without children. Very odd.

{Wondering} if Tigerboy is ever going to sleep given he had a three hour nap.

Coming when I hook up the camera.

Big is investigating 1920’s literature, fashion, music and so on, with a view to some extra reenactment. Small got older, and celebrated by spending his birthday money on two Nintendo 3DS games which he’s been playing ever since. Smallest presented me with our first bead up nose incident. Such fun.
Tigerboy is bursting into sound if not speech – he spent some time wandering around this week with a small owl puppet on his hand, saying twit twoo, twit twoo. He also waves to things without prompting, including waving goodbye to the beach.

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  1. Oooh some extra reenacting had caught my attention. Following…. 🙂

  2. Glad you had such positive and exciting moments. Most of all I love this way of summarising your week or day. I’m so often too exhausted to blog, but this is so effective and lovely to read Jax x

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