Monday meanderings.

Title chosen purely for alterative purposes. There was very little meandering today, unless you count toing and froing between the field and the car for packing purposes. The morning was mainly spent doing that, with a bit of car shuffling for light relief,  while a variety of friends watched a variety of children (with especial thanks to Katy S for dealing with the bottom of doom 😉 ) and then after a lovely communal lunch, we headed off to catch up with the rest of my family.

It’s always a tiny bit odd seeing my children and their friends playing where I played as I grew up, given that I now live 200+ miles away. It’s as though the years and miles haven’t completely happened. My parents now live within a couple of miles of the houses I spent my teenage years in, so that’s a bit time wobbling as well. (They too have lived lots of other places in between.) Their new house has a lovely garden with a sloped lawn, just right for rolling down.

K was there with her new dog too, so it’s been a very canine weekend as we also met Boris, the new off the path addition. Tigerboy deals remarkably well with dogs bigger than himself given that he doesn’t spend very much time with dogs at all, making the afternoon a lot more pleasant.

So good to catch up with a decade’s worth of friends, sew clothing for a different century and round off with family across the generations. I’m feeling very grounded in all sorts of ways.

Pictures to follow tomorrow when I do camera/netbook things.

Oh, and isn’t Eleanor and Park good?

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

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