A brief sewing update

Because I know you’re all desperate to hear how it’s going.

Well, bit of a one step forward, two steps back day. Having polished off the machining the linings together, today was slated for assembly. I pressed Big into action as well, and we hemmed one lining piece to each of the three bodies pieces, so that we could try draping it on her to double (triple, quadruple) check the fit. It seems that I had again been slightly generous in cutting, and the desired 1 inch each side gap was less than anticipated, so I did a bit more trimming before heading for the machine to stitch the two back pieces together.

And here’s the step back. Despite pinning, ironing and tacking, I still managed to get the back seam wrong, and caught the lining into it, meaning that I’ve had to take it all out and will have to try again tomorrow. To look at it doesn’t look a complicated seam, but it curves in two directions, and I’m finding it extremely difficult to get it to lie well on the machine. I really do want to machine it though – I just don’t trust my sewing to hold it 🙁

So tomorrow, another attempt at that, and then the rest of the lining seams to do. I would really really like to get it to a point where I can hand it to Big to make holes in.

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  1. good luck! sounds really complicated.

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