Saturday Snippets 10 May 2014

{watching} Holes. Which was excellent. Based on the novel by Louis Sachar, the screenplay is by him too, which explains why it’s so true to the original. Appealed to both the older children as well as both adults, a good choice for a slightly older family.

{Reading} Milly Molly Mandy at bedtime. Although naked Trevor made an appearance earlier. I’m trying to read city’s son by Tom Pollock, but I keep finding myself in different rooms to it somehow.

{Cleaning} the bottom of the fridge out. And vowing to stop buying short dated ready prepared salad.

{Shopping} early, which proved to be a mistake as every aisle in Lidl had either a container, a bin or both. Dodgems with trolleys so much fun.

{Cooking} roast pork for dinner. Which at least deals with itself while we’re film watching.

{Feeling} mainly tired after a very broken night last night. Not quite sure where the evening has gone either.

boy blowing bubbles

Big had two achievements today, negative and positive. She had her first DQ (disqualification) at a swimming gala, a shame as she was on for a cracking time. But then she did her first 400 IM and was very happy with the time for that. Small is working on the design for his first minecraft mod. Smallest is beginning to sneak some reading in to every day life – I’m still not sure whether she’s memorising or reading, but it’s a step on the way either way. And Tigerboy is definitely learning to read, one letter at a time. He’s spent ages this week with the letter jigsaws, and when he completes a word, he points at the letters, and then takes a stab at saying it. Wahey – speech approaching!

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  1. Lovely insight into your week x

  2. such a cute photo. Holes is such a good film for older children.

    • Jax Blunt says:

      Thanks Jo. We really enjoyed it. It’s rated PG but went over the younger ones heads’ a bit 😉

  3. I think that cleaning the fridge out is possibly one of the worst household jobs, don’t you? I do exactly the same with the bags of salad – I never know why I decide to leave a handful in the bag like we are going to use it later because we never do and it just goes brown and curly at the back of the veg drawer. I also pledge allegiance to the whole lettuce from this time forth.

    Great linky – thanks for hosting:)

  4. Oh yes, I understand the pledge not to buy bags of salad! My mum buys them when she visits and I then find it several days later starting to smell rather vinegary!
    Hope you managed to sleep better last night x

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