A quick question about giveaways, with a prize.

So, I’ve been running a few giveaways recently, and I generally do it by asking for a comment as the one mandatory entry.

I then offer a bunch of optional entries, asking for SEPARATE comments for each one.

Invariably I get a bunch of comments saying “done everything”. The problem with this is that the plugin I use gives you an entry for each separate comment. So if you only leave one comment about 5 entry methods, you only get one entry.

The alternative is to consider something like rafflecopter. And it does seem to me that people using it get lots more entries in their competitions.

So the question, which you can answer in the comments, is do you prefer comment entries, with the optional extras, or rafflecopter? Or you’re not bothered, or you’ve got some other suggestion 🙂

Each comment will be entered into a draw to win Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge, a particularly lovely hardback copy that I picked up recently.

If you feel inclined to share this mini survey widely, and you wish to gain extra entries for doing so, then you’ll have to leave a separate comment per action, telling me what you’ve done 🙂

Terms and conditions:
Competition runs until 23.59 BST Fri 2nd May. As I’m posting the prize, UK postal addresses only please. Mandatory entry comment leaving an answer to the question above, optional extras as described for sharing this post. Prize provided by me. Winner must provide me with an address so that I can post it. No, no one paid me to host this giveaway 🙂

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  1. As a runner of giveaways, I prefer comments so you don’t have to open another website to set it up; as an enterer of giveaways I don’t mind which. Not much help! I ought to vote comments because I read the instructions so get a higher chance of winning 😉

  2. Danielle Graves says:

    I think both methods have their plus points and negatives, I know that Rafflecopter picks winners for you although having never created a giveaway I’m not sure how it works fully behind the scenes.

    Personally I have no preference, whilst I know some people avoid rafflecopter competitions I know others who love them (me included) I also know people who just avoid blog competitions full stop. The problem will always lie with people not reading rules, I read a blog post earlier on this evening about a lady who ran a rafflecopter competition and chose the winner, the winner said they followed on twitter but on inspection didn’t and therefor their entry was disqualified and a 2nd winner who had done the necessary steps was chosen.

    I think the number of entries depends more to do with the prize your offering and how you market it, for example listing your competition on Super Lucky Di’s blog comp list or getting someone to post it on MSE for you (you can’t post it yourself as it’s classed as self promotion)

  3. Tattooed mummy says:

    Raffle copter every time, easy.

  4. Tattooed mummy says:

    Oh and I use rafflecopter too on the blog, it’s simple and free to set up and use and uses a random number generator to pick a winner, you check they fulfilled the criteria and if not you can pick another winner.

  5. Tattooed mummy says:

    Sharing this on twitter

  6. Tricky!

    If I’m hosting and if I’m entering comps I like rafflecopter because it’s easy.

    I do to enter comps if there’s loads of requirements to enter (there was one competition for something awesome that demanded doing ALL five things to enter. It was too much work so I didn’t enter.

    Hope that helps?

  7. *Do to – should read ‘don’t’ ~ silly predictive text

  8. Aisling Cahill says:

    From an entering competitions point of view, Rafflecopter is very easy, and even helps you out in fulfilling criteria like Following on Facebook etc
    You can also add questions to the Rafflecopter, so you can get opinions or do a test of knowledge there for an additional entry.

  9. I use rafflecopter on my competitions now mainly due to complaints I didn’t. BUT I hardly ever enter rafflecopter competitions as about half the time they dont seem to work properly on my macbook and its always a massive pain. That could be me though as I am a bit old school.

  10. I did say Rafflecopter is a bit of a faff, but I actually think leaving lots of separate comments is more so and I’m less inclined to do that (typically as I’m often on my phone and it meand going back and forth)

  11. claire woods says:

    rafflecopter is easier.

  12. Once I got the hang of it I found rafflecopter so much easier to use for running competitions. I also find it much easier to use when entering competitions too, especially on my phone x

  13. I Prefer Rafflecopter Competitions Than Comment Competitions, I Just Love That Little Widget!

  14. I Have Shared By Added Your Competition On My Giveaway Blog Here:


  15. I find entering by rafflecopter much clearer as its easier to know which steps there are to do!

  16. The thing with Rafflecopter is that I inevitably only do one or two of the 18 different options and I end up following people on Facebook which I wouldn’t follow usually (Facebook is mainly for personal stuff for me not brand-y/interest-y stuff). I know it’s perfectly OK to just do 2/18 or something but it always makes me feel like I should do others.
    That’s my roundabout way of saying I prefer the other method – commenting with optional extras if you want to offer them although I’m not sure there’s always a need 🙂

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